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About Me

Having been around since the Steam Promotion, I can say I have a lot of experience with SK, however not as much as our Groundbreaker overlords do. Nevertheless, I can safely consider myself one of the more experienced players in the SK community.

I am pretty relaxed, and I am pretty easy going. I enjoy logging on to chat with my guildmates and several friends I have made in the community, and above all, ready to join either when it comes to playing Spiral Knights.

Some personal statistics:

Soloed Snarbolax?: Several times, in fact, nowadays me and Snarbolax are close friends.

Soloed Royal Jelly?: Easily

Soloed Roarmulus Twins?: Of course, several times.

Soloed Vanaduke?: Can do.

Gone from depth 1 to 29 in one go?: Yes.

(Continuation from above statistic) Without dying?: Yes.

PvP Play style: Striker, it's what I am best at. I do play recon every now and then, but it's mainly to poke fun at the other team than to play seriously.


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