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A bit about me

Ello, I'm Aria and I play a lot of Spiral Knights.(that's pretty much it)and been doing so since August 16th, 2011. The day after my birthday. I've been in a few guilds in the pass 4 months or so(when I say a few, I mean 3). And so far, Aurora has been very active and kind to me, as well as teaching me the ropes of Vanaduke and his Firestorm Citadel. So far I know what to do in FSC (killing slags and helping teammates.etc)

Oh almost forgot, my ign and forum name is Ariasky not Ariasky-alt or something else because Steam is being a pain. (that doesn't mean mailing random junk/friend requests to me)

Guilds I was in and some background

Where do I start...I guess at the beginning. I was doing a clockwork run (don't know what gate I was doing since it's been so long) with some random people. One of the random people was Natashavolkova, Guildmaster of Dragon Army who was looking for new recruits. I said to me self "Why the hell not?" and joined the guild. I was really new to Spiral Knights but I catch on to things quickly. From then I began to grow in knowledge and experience on combat and also learned from mistakes I made along the way (don't remember any of them though (\(^o^)/).

But there's a problem, the guild's pretty dead, no one logs on but a hand full of people, so I was forever alone (sometimes). This lead to thinking, a lot of thinking on what to do until I got invited to The Guardian Realm by my friend who was one of the guildmasters. The guild was pretty much like the other, pretty dead and quiet. What a mistake I made, I joined a guild I know little of. I spend less than 2 weeks in that guild.

The search for the right guild continues, looking endlessly on the forums and so forth. The ideal guild for me was an active guild, not a T3-only club cause that's overrated as always. After a day or two...

My Inventory

Random Memories on certain things

05/17/12, Spiral Knights celebrated 3 million accounts milestone by having 2 days of free elevators (which turned the ce market upside down lol), me and Xamtos (my guildmate from Aurora) decided to get the two (kinda) end-game achievements, Cradle and All & the famous Dauntless Delver. All was well when we started from Depth 0, some people joined and left while we were going to the core.

We got through the boss and T2 without a sweat until Xamtos got disconnected for some reason (Well I think he got disconnected) while we're going deeper to the core and was teleported back to haven, while I was left in a clockworks. However, he wanted to help me get the achievements for my sake which was very sweet (no, not the sweets you eat, he was a lot sweeter than sugar) of him to do, so he joined back with me, to then I told he was very sweet to come back and so we continue forwards. Not so long later we finally made it to depth 29, The core was silent and still as the mysteries circle around the sphere, I began wondering the many things it can bring us, happiness, sadness or even more mysteries to solve (cause I'm no Professor Layton).

But enough of that, I said Thank you to Xamtos, for coming back to help me get the achievements even if he didn't get it with me*. I am Thankful, so I won't forget it. *He got them the day after

06/01/12, I am finally a Vanguard (Yes I was at the party with mecha knights at Spiral HQ, and Hahn called me short but, I'M A NORMAL SIZE knight.

Random facts about me

  • I live somewhere in the UK (You stalker!),
  • I wear a pair of glasses(like my knight),
  • I can never text/leet-talk ever(for example: soz plz be my friend 4ever 4 n0 r3as0n @ all etc),
  • My writing is so horrible, you can't even read it (not even kidding here),

My loves and Hates

  • I hate Maths
  • I like drawing
  • I generally like any type of music (but I love Deadmau5, I even made an art piece), but I really really hate boy bands/Justin Bieber-like-stars that girls go crazy for.(No seriously, I can't even explain how much I hate them types)
  • I have a love-hate relationship with summer days.(Love the sunny clear skies, hate getting burnt by the sun)
  • Loves Dark Chocolate/Dark Chocolate drink (Absolutely love it!)

(this took me awhile to make...Zzz)

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