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Why I Left


By the time any of my guildmates find this, I will have deleted my character Beroya along with all of his gear. I do not regret this decision and I will not be returning.

I am weary of grinding through levels in a game as if it were a second job. I am tired of feeling like nothing I earn is good enough unless it is five-star rated. I am tired of the greed, the smack-talk, the trolls, and the beggars. In this regard, I am tired of massive multiplayer games as a whole.

So I am hanging up my gloves and erasing my accounts, permanently.

My thanks to Silentgary and the Silent Killers for being my first guild.


Greetings! I see you've found my wiki page. My name is Beroya; the weekend knight and wiki-editor. I joined Spiral Knights almost a year ago, yet I'm constantly learning more about how the game works; in addition to useful tactics used by some veterans. Here are some things you should know about me:

  • I'm slightly OCD when it comes to proper grammar in my chat messages.
  • I often give my characters Mandalorian names, as I am a bit of a Star Wars nerd.
  • I despise beggars.
  • Bacon.
  • Even with all my planning, things rarely turn out as I think they will.
  • I have a sense of humor, or at least attempt to on days of the week ending in "y".

Anyway, feel free to browse my page. Just don't color on the walls with Sharpie.


Beroya Character.PNG
In Game Name Beroya
Playstyle Guardian
Guild Silent Killers
Status Retired

The name "Beroya" means Bounty Hunter.

  • At present, Beroya is my only character and I have no plans to create multiple knights.
  • Beroya used to be the 2nd most senior officer and wiki-editor of the Silent Killers back in 2011. Long story short, I deleted Beroya after donating all his gear and money to the guild because I had some things that needed immediate and undivided attention in the real world.
  • After the crisis had passed, I played sporadically with a character named Jarkiv who belonged to the Delicious Bacon Guild. He too was ultimately deleted. You can still see his wiki page here.
  • I just recently resurrected Beroya and re-applied for admission (and was accepted) into the Silent Killers as wiki-editor.
  • Fun fact: I created the Silent Killer's logo. In fact, you could say I have a warm spot in my heart for this guild.

Planned Loadout

Since I sold all of Beroya's equipment and donated the proceeds to the Silent Killers, he doesn't have much right now.

Current Arsenal

Equipment-Drake Scale Helm icon.png Drake Scale Helm

Equipment-Angelic Raiment icon.png Angelic Raiment

Equipment-Bristling Buckler icon.png Bristling Buckler

Equipment-Troika icon.png Troika
Equipment-Nightblade icon.png Nightblade

Equipment-Blaster icon.png Blaster
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