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Oh hey! You found my page on my alter-ego, Jarkiv. Splendid! I'm not gonna say much here, so feel free to ignore the rest of this paragraph.

Why are you still reading this paragraph? Move on already!

Stop. Reading. Now.



File:Jarkiv Character.PNG
In Game Name Jarkiv
Playstyle Warlock
Guild Delicious Bacon
Other Characters Beroya

The name "Jarkiv" means charisma or presence.

  • With Jarkiv, I had adopted the play style of a Berserker by equipping high-damage/slow attack speed swords and bombs. However, I've been finding swords and elemental handguns (in lieu of actual "spells") to be more useful to my particular needs in combat. Combined with my new armor and helmet choices, my character has begun to resemble a Warlock.


My kill count vs. Bosses and Unique Monsters.

Icon Map Boss.png
Monster-Snarbolax.png Snarbolax 4 Kills
Monster-Royal Jelly.png Royal Jelly 3 Kills
Monster-Roarmulus Twins.png Roarmulus Twins 0 Kills
Monster-Lord Vanaduke.png Vanaduke 0 Kills
Icon Map Miniboss.png
Unique Monsters
Monster-Impostocube.png Impostocube 1 Kill

Planned Loadout

Like most free players, I am still working towards my first piece of fabled 5-star equipment. While still a long way off, I eventually plan to secure the following loadout:

Equipment-Grey Feather Cowl icon.png Grey Feather Cowl Increased Freeze Resistance: Low

Equipment-Radiant Silvermail icon.png Radiant Silvermail

When the Grey Feather Cowl is combined with Radiant Silvermail, the knight in question gains high resistance against Elemental, Normal, Piercing, and Shadow damage types; as well as Fire, Shock, Poison, Curse, and (thanks to a lucky UV) Freeze. This makes for a well-rounded resistance to most damage types. An additional low damage bonus against Undead doesn't hurt either.

Equipment-Volcanic Plate Shield icon.png Volcanic Plate Shield

Due to Spiral Knights occasional lag, I need a shield I can count on to hold against a savage assault until the connection can catch up. Since I plan on eventually fighting Vanaduke, additional fire defense is a must. The Volcanic Plate Shield offers this, plus defense against Stun; which should offset the Grey Feather Cowl's natural weakness to stun.

Equipment-Triglav icon.png Triglav Charge Time Reduction: High

An all purpose weapon for any enemy type. Normal damage is cool that way. Sadly, this one is going to take forever, as Basil doesn't carry the recipes for this line. Instead I'm going to be forced to grind 300 tokens from the Blast Network PVP arenas.

Equipment-Acheron icon.png Acheron

For Jelly runs and annoying Gremlin healers. Nothing can quite match its viciousness.

Equipment-Hail Driver icon.png Hail Driver Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: High

I like freezing weapons. Keeps enemies from running around too much. This beauty is like a freeze vial that never runs out; just point and click.

Equipment-Heavy Deconstructor icon.png Heavy Deconstructor

There is nothing worse in this game than being cornered by a swarm of Mecha Knights, Lumbers, and Retrodes in one of the many construct arenas. Due to my growing hatred of this particular monster class, I'm taking my revenge with this nasty piece of work. While only 4 stars, it's high damage bonus versus constructs makes it my cup of tea.

Current Arsenal

Equipment-Spiral Sallet icon.png Spiral Sallet Equipment-Spiral Demo Helm icon.png Spiral Demo Helm Equipment-Elemental Hood icon.png Elemental Hood Increased Freeze Resistance: Low

Equipment-Spiral Cuirass icon.png Spiral Cuirass Equipment-Wolver Coat icon.png Wolver Coat Equipment-Drake Scale Mail icon.png Drake Scale Mail

Equipment-Proto Shield icon.png Proto Shield Equipment-Defender icon.png Defender Equipment-Bristling Buckler icon.png Bristling Buckler

Equipment-Proto Sword icon.png Proto Sword Equipment-Troika icon.png Troika Charge Time Reduction:  High Equipment-Nightblade icon.png Nightblade

Equipment-Proto Gun icon.png Proto Gun Equipment-Cryotech Alchemer Mk II icon.png Cryotech Alchemer Mk II Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: Medium

Equipment-Deconstructor icon.png Deconstructor
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