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Nothing found on this page that doesn't apply to Battle Sprites (and even somethings that do) are actually part of the official game.

Artificial Intelligence

Once an Isoran warrior reaches Knight Rank, he or she is assigned a personal AI program. AIs, or Artificial Intelligences, are intelligence programs designed to aid Isoran Knights in combat (i.e enhancing their skills, mapping out certain routes, coming up with tactics on the fly), similar to the Battle Sprites' AIs.

An AI's appearance is similar to that of a regular Isoran, however more towards a silhouette of the body along with glowing eyes and hands. Once assigned to a Isoran, the AI's appearance is altered to resemble the Knight, with some minor differences.

Personal AIs, unlike Sprite AIs, have varying personalities, usually aligned to or conflicting the owner Knight's personality. Regardless, their personality is always compatible with the Knight' own. These are either pre-programmed, programmed based off the Knight, or are developed as the AI learns about the Knight it was assigned to.

There are few, yet major differences between a Battle Sprite AI and a personal AI:

  • Personal AIs are stored in the Knight's Tech Armor; Battle Sprite AIs are autonomous drones that float near their Knight
  • Battle Sprite AIs aid the Knight in combat physically, whereas personal AIs aid them through technological enhancements and tactics
  • Personal AIs are able to communicate with their Knight owner directly, while Battle Sprite AIs communicate through various beeping and animal-like sounds
  • Battle Sprite AIs are programmed to change and adapt their appearance and abilities based on the enviroments around them, whereas personal AIs merely adapt certain functions to keep advantage of any situation
  • Personal AIs can move freely between the Knight's Tech Armor and various machinery, as well as project themselves as Holograms

Personal AIs and Sprite AIs are normally compatible with each other, working together to aid the Knight in any situation.

Natural Intelligence

Cases have been reported where a Natural Intelligence program has been created. Natural Intelligences, or NIs for short, are special intelligence programs created using pieces of or a whole person's mind. Usually this is done to preserve said person prior to the death of their body.

Earlier cases were done without the original Isoran's consent, thus leaving the NI in a rather unstable state. Nowadays, Knights can choose to have their minds transferred into an intelligence program, either near the end of their lives, as they die, or even when they still have a lot of life left.

Differences between AIs and NIs include:

  • NIs are usually given robotic bodies with a similar appearance to their living counterparts
  • AIs are easily compatible with their assigned Knights; it is troublesome to find NIs compatible Knights who would put up with their personalities
  • NIs have both abilities and drawbacks that AIs do not have; IE Morality, certain emotions, brutality, etc.

Typically, Knights choose to have only a fragment of their mind turned into an NI. Fragment NIs normally do not remember being part of a whole, similar to Fragment AIs. Fragments represent specific attributes of the original, such as Anger, Deception, Logic, Trust, etc., at the cost of the original losing that piece of himself/herself/itself.

Fragment AIs are similar to Fragment NIs, with one major difference: Fragment AIs are forcibly removed by the Host AI.

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