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This lore is basically a mix of several different lores, including the official lore (obviously), with a load touch of my own ideas. So if you see something familiar, it's most likely intentional or coincidental. Also, because it's based off other lore, anything not mentioned will default to official SK lore.


Species & Organizations

  • Isorans: A race of humanoids who hail from a nearly dead planet. A majority of the remaining Isorans have left to find other inhabitable planets and systems to live. They are currently broken up into two organizations:
    • Morai Legion: Isorans loyal to Morai government. Most, if not all, come off as cruel, relentless, and merciless. Whether brainwashed or forced into submission, or willingly loyal, the Morai Legion vastly outnumber the Spiral Order.
    • Spiral Order: the Isorans working against the Morai government, collectively known as "Knights". While outnumbered in terms of quantity, the Spiral Order surpass the Morai for quality, being more technologically advanced. The Knights adapted to the erratic conditions of Cradle faster than the Morai have.
  • Almirians: Ancient Isorans who fell to other kingdoms due to infighting between two of their most powerful clans. Following their defeat, Lord Vanaduke of Almire left in search of power to liberate his people. Upon his return, however, the great King brought with him a curse that turned everything he touched to ashes. The residents and warriors are now legions of flaming undead that attack those who enter their domain. The great kingdom has arrived in Cradle's Clockworks, now going by the moniker of the FireStorm Citadel.
  • Valkyries: Angelic beings who have descended from the heavens to counteract the forces of the Underworld. Most are females, with a rare chance of a male being born.
  • Dragons: (excerpt from Dragon Princess Chronicles/quoted from Mawashimono) [Mawashimono's] kingdom was a race of dragons known for the benevolence, but not all dragons were so. Some were of a more violent, some would say evil, nature. They had to be prepared for wars against other tribes, like the Drakes of Astoria and Wyverns of Tulikaar. These were the three main tribes of land dragons - all fearsome fighters, skilled in all the arts of war. There were also Wyrm dragons who lived underground, Serpentine dragons who lived in the sea, Jormund dragons of the frozen North. But all dragons were united in one way – they all loved treasure, which they also loved to hide in their lairs and guard from would be thieves.
  • Gremlins: A race of furry, intelligent bipeds who are believed to have created the Clockworks inside Cradle, and are known to serve as maintenance if something were to break down there. Originally a hostile species, they warred against the Knights that "invaded" their home. Since Gremlin King Tinkinzar's disappearance, the Gremlins have become less aggressive towards the Isorans, and eventually came to live with them as an apology for attacking them.
    • Crimson Order: A group of (believed to be) nine Gremlins who currently lead the rest. Initially serving under King Tinkinzar, his maniacal influence over them mysteriously disappeared along with him. The two known members are Herex and Seerus.
  • Devilites: Denizens of the Underworld known for their infamous attempt to summon legions of Trojan Warriors into the Clockworks for reasons still unknown. Some have long since abandoned this violent lifestyle and have come to live more sophisticated lives both in the Clockworks and on the surface, with several following Sullivan and arriving at Haven.
  • Strangers: Towering robed beings who allowed the Knights (and eventually the Gremlins and Devilites) to live in their town of Haven. They serve as the traders and informants of Haven, with a few even found setting up shop in the Clockworks.
  • Prismas: Crystalline creatures that roam the Clockworks and are extremely hostile to the native intelligent species (ie Gremlins, Knights, & Morai). They vary in size, shape, and color, with their appearances matching their basic functions. A recent addition to Cradle and it's Clockworks, Prismas are known to be highly aggressive, attacking any living thing they come across.
  • Swarm: Vicious creatures hailing from the Void that assimilate (or at least attempt to assimilate) everything they come across. Swarms are highly vulnerable to light, thus any area they arrive in goes into a total blackout before they absorb it into the whole.


  • Bodysuit: A high-tech, form-fitting suit that covers the entire body including the head; standard issue of all Knights and Morai warriors. Provides basic support functions and protection from the elements.
  • Power Armor: Outer body armor that provides more advanced protection. Certain Armor sets have specialized bonuses that aid the wearer in combat.
  • A.I.s and N.I.s: Intelligence programs that aid the Knights and Morai in combat, calculating plans on the fly. They are typically stored in the helmet area of the bodysuit and communicate with both the Knight and their Battle Sprite.
  • Lock-Down Circuit: An advanced system implemented into the Knights' bodysuit that preserves the soul and the mind of a Knight were they to be fatally or mortally wounded. This allows a successful revival via Spark of Life.
  • Differences between Spiral Order & Morai Legion: The Order has developed armor that helps them adapt to Cradle. The Morai on the other hand mass produce the average equipment sets that only differ based on rankings.

Notable Places and Dimensions

  • Cradle: The planet where a majority of the Isorans, both of the Spiral Order and the Morai Legion, currently inhabit. This strange rock appears to be mechanical, with the labyrinth-like Clockworks under the surface, yet organic, in that the planet itself has plant life both inside and out. Cradle as a whole seems to be a patchwork of pieces from several other planets.
    • Haven: A city that's home to the Strangers, Knights, Surface Gremlins, and outcast Devilites. Snipes, bulbous bird-like critters, heavily populate the areas. Originally a small town, Haven grew to accommodate the growing population of citizens. Notable areas include
      • Town Square: The central hub of Haven. Here can be found the main Auction House (most noticeably the largest); the Snipe Garden, where most Snipes flock to rest with the Knights and Gremlins; and the Advanced Training Hall, where Knights practice their combat skills against holograms and other Knights.
      • Garrison: The section of Haven east of Town Square. The Garrison hold the Hall of Heroes, a building that serves as both a meeting hall and Knight certification; Spiral HQ, an area dug out of the cliff side next to the Hall that serves as the Intel center for all Knights; and The Lab, which is the Spiral Order's research and development Facility.
      • Arcade: The section located at the far north of Haven. The Arcade holds the gates that allow travelers passage to the Clockworks. As well as the gates, the Arcade also has Sullivan, a Devilite that trades special recipes for Krogmo coins and allows usage of the Krogmo Alchemy Machine, and the Mysterious Alchemy Machine, an Alchemy Machine with recipes only found in certain time periods.
      • Residential District: What was once the Bazaar, the Residential District is to the west of Town Square. This area is more reminiscent of a typical neighborhood, with stores and restaurants scattered around every street. Underwhirled Drip, something that the original designer of the district wanted to build before leaving, is a famous Devilite cafe located by the path to Town Square, across the street from Quillion and Ricasso's own Weapons Shop. Greave and Kragen have set up shop near the Arcade entrance to sell armor and shields to younger Knights, among other things from Vatel. Punch and Vise has opened up a blacksmith near the middle of the district, near a large restaurant called Omega Diner, run by Biscotti and is occasionally overrun by Creep Cakes. Bechamel opened his own Fashion Parlor, with a section left free for those who are waiting for their friends to finish with whatever accessory they're getting.
    • The Ark: A massive battleship shaped like an ark that serves as the base for the Morai who followed the Skylark to Cradle. Unlike the Skylark, however, The Ark is mostly intact, save for the main engine. The inside is akin to a military base, complete with barracks, a boot camp for the younger soldiers, and a Mess Hall.
    • Elysium: A giant floating castle that serves as a home to the Valkyries who live on Cradle. The castle itself never stays in one area for long, always going around to different areas of Cradle, both in and out.
    • Avalon: One of the Dragon Kingdoms. This kingdom has some of the more benevolent Dragons in it. Not much is known about this place to Spiral HQ, except that Princess Mawashimono of Lionheart Guild hails from Avalon.
    • Emberlight: Once a refuge area for runaway Gremlins that also serves as a checkpoint for those traveling down the Clockworks, Emberlight is a small town that shows the Gremlins efforts towards redemption.
    • Core: The center of Cradle, serving as the main power source of the planet. Believed to be where the Alpha Squad is, Spiral HQ have Knights down there studying it, trying to find a way to harness it's energy. Not much is known about it aside from what little information they've attained. Lieutenant Vaelyn has been devoted to her research, risking her well being with constant exposure to the Core.
  • Underworld: The Underworld is where all manner of Demons and the Undead normally populate. Several times, the workplace of the Devilites appear in the Clockworks, on occasion being the pacifistic areas.
  • Astral Plane: The plane of existence that lies between the Overworld, the land of the living, and the Underworld, the land of the dead. Basically a parallel world to Cradle, for whatever happens in Cradle happens in Astral Plane. Those here are able to see what's happening in Cradle, however only those with a spiritual attachment can see into Astral Plane.


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