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The following page is based on another account. The account used is just this one due to that account being a Steam account.

Welcome to my profile!



These are the acheivements I have earned on the world of Cradle, while I have many others from different planets, I will just go for my Cradle ones.


  • In-Game: Game achievements I have earned.
  • Miscellaneous: Made up achievements by me, that I have gained the targets of.


TOTAL: 54/60

  • First Steps
  • Welcome, Stranger
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Spiral Spelunker
  • World of Moorcraft
  • An Emberlight in the Dark
  • Hardcore
  • Royal Pain
  • O Frabjous Day!
  • Terrible Twin Turrets
  • Free Spirit
  • All star Smith achievements
  • All alchemist achievements
  • All swordsman and gunslinger achievements
  • Bombardier
  • Expert Bombardier
  • Master Bombardier
  • Hatter
  • Expert Hatter
  • Mad Hatter
  • All armorer achievements
  • Shieldbearer
  • Expert Shieldbearer
  • Master Shieldbearer
  • Applied Entropy
  • Miner achievements up to Marvellous Miner
  • Fully Loaded
  • Jump Start
  • Helping Hand
  • Walk it Off
  • Both capsule achievements
  • Energize!
  • Bronze Survivor
  • Star-Spangled Bomber
  • Son of a Nutcracker!


  • Stellar Set: 3/5
  • Master Miner: ???/10,000
  • Silver Survivor: 0/1
  • Gold Survivor: 0/1
  • Cradle and All: 18/29
  • Dauntless Delver: 14/29


  • Scheming's End - Defeat Razwog
  • Knight vs. Gremlin Duel - Reach OCH Engines of War alone on any tier
  • Killed the Warmaster alone - Defeat Seerus alone on any tier
  • Bronze Furry Master Downfall - Defeat Seerus in Tier 1
  • Silver Furry Master Downfall - Defeat Seerus in Tier 2
  • Gold Furry Master's Downfall - Defeat Seerus in tier 3
  • Platinum Furry Master's Downfall - Defeat Seerus on tier 3 three times in the space of 2 days
  • Crimson Hat Trick - Defeat Seerus three times on two tiers
  • The Beast's Final Defeat - Defeat the Snarbolax ten times
  • The Beast's Next Defeat - Defeat the Snarbolax twice
  • No Slimy Astrioarchs Allowed! - Defeat the Royal Jelly twice
  • Short Circuits - Defeat the Roarmulus Twins twice
  • Tinkinzar's friend is gonna have a bad day! - Visit the Grand Arsenal
  • Flaming Oversee - Descend to the Firestorm Citadel
  • Slimy Halls - Descend to the Royal Jelly Palace
  • Mass Production - Descend to the Ironclaw Munitions Factory
  • Dark Woods - Descend to the Gloaming Wildwoods
  • A dark time indeed - Descend to the third Clockworks Terminal
  • Spelunking like Mad - Descend to the second Clockworks Terminal
  • Huge Backpack - Have over 35 types of material in your arsenal
  • Dark Pierce - Obtain a Dark Thorn Blade
  • Now we are talking! - Obtain a five star item
  • Tactical Restore - Restore power to the Rescue Camp
  • Pain in the Back - Defeat a Trojan
  • We are the Real Knights - Defeat a Mecha Knight
  • I saw you when you thought you were safe - Hit a camoflauged Chromalisk
  • A faulty recon module - Hit a cloaked Ghostmane Stalker
  • Goodknight! - Kill an enemy Knight in Lockdown or Blast Network
  • You're not a real tree! - Defeat a Lumber
  • I Win the Battle - Destroy a Battlepod
  • Leet Blood - Deal 1337 or more damage in a total of all your Knights
  • Leet Blood II - Deal 13337 or more damage in a total of all your Knights
  • Diggy Diggy Hole! - Kill 20 or more enemies with Slime Slashers and Super Slime Slashers
  • A Feast - Feed sprites 15 sprite food materials
  • It's Over 9000! - Own more than 9000 energy at any given time
  • It's Over 9001! II - Own exactly 9001 crowns at any given time
  • Fight Me - Get a Battle Pack
  • Beginning the War - Buy the Starter Pack
  • Omega Surge! - Buy a five star gear item or weapon in the Supply Depot
  • Come at me bro! - Kill 10 monsters that don't attack you
  • I will defend you! - Achieve the rank Defender Elite
  • Tackled - Defeat 5 opponents in PvP
  • Take that! - Defeat three opponents in PvP
  • Critical Hit II - Deal damage to a deathmarked enemy in Lockdown
  • Critical Hit - Deal damage the monster you hit was weak to
  • Revenge - Kill a Ghostmane Stalker while deathmarked
  • Flurry - Defeat a monster with a Cutter or any of it's upgrades.
  • Many Resources - Own more than 5,000 energy at any given time
  • Walk It Off II - Revive someone with no health bonuses, from vitapods or otherwise.
  • Energetic - Own more than 9,500 energy at any given time
  • Power Attack - Defeat a monster with hits from a damage type that monster is resistant to
  • Fueling the Steam Engine - Play on a Steam account
  • Outer Cradle Trading - Perform a Steam trade that has atleast one Spiral Knights item involved.
  • Make cakes without darkmatter - Help Biscotti during the Anniversary Event
  • Guild in a lock - Fail to pay upkeep and go into default
  • A tough guy, eh? - Invite someone who is a higher rank than you into a guild, who accepts the invite.
  • He can't be seerus! - Defeat Seerus twice - on any tiers.
  • This is too easy! Tinkinzar, get a better Warmaster! - Defeat Seerus five times, on any tiers.



He is surely the tank of the lot, and the one played on the most. He is also the best-known - even though in a notorious way to forum members. He has recently received a massive buff regarding gear, with a new Leviathan and a new Skolver.

Rank: Defender Elite, 8-2



  • Powpowpowpowpowpow owns The Monsterslayers.
  • Powpowpowpowpowpow used to be a secondary knight, but the primary was deleted before it reached Haven.


He is the angel.

Rank: Knight Elite, 6-1



  • Little-Cloud is named after a fanfic character by me called Cloud.
  • Little-Cloud owns Order of Angels.


A rookie pyromancer, loves to set everything on fire.

Rank: Squire, 3-2



  • Area unavailable. Please come back later.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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