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Eye've got balls of steeel!

Hello! Eye'm Cirno, and Eye'm the strongest ⑨ around. Eye'm also number ⑨ in the Spiral Knights manual? What's that? There isn't a manual? Read this upside down. There you found it! ^^'

My main char.
'Eye'm the strongest!' --Me'

About me
Eye'm a sensitive girl that likes to fight wisely but often makes mistakes.

And sometimes eye like messing around.

3 words that describe me the most
Eye'm really thirsty!

Ideas I think we should have in the game
- The ability to put our clothes, weaponry, trinkets and shields in sets. (DONE)
- Chat filters: All, Game, 1 Zone, 2 Trade, Guild, Tell
- Stuff. (DONE (accessories))

Set future Loadouts Which I would like to complete

Town Loadouts

PVE Loadouts

PVP Loadouts

My Guild

--Cirnothebaka 19:49, 21 October 2011 (GMT)

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