Rabid Snarbolax

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Rabid Snarbolax
Monster-Rabid Snarbolax.png
  • Burrowed Spikes Attack normal icon.png Attack piercing icon.png Icon status poison.png
  • Bite Attack normal icon.png Icon status poison.png
  • Thrown Spikes Attack piercing icon.png Icon status poison.png
Weak to
  • Attack piercing icon.png Piercing damage
Resistant to
  • Attack elemental icon.png Elemental damage

The Gloaming Wildwoods has been infected with a poisonous miasma and the Snarbolax is said to have gone rabid! It is a poison-themed version of the Tier 1 boss, Snarbolax. Though there's a catch, now there's TWO of them! It is one of the four bosses released with the Shadow Lair patch.


  • First you must reach depth 23, this can be easily done directly accessing Emberlight, then traveling through the Clockworks.
  • Once at depth 23, just walk forward and reach the access to the Shadow Lairs.
  • Now you will need one Key-Shadow Key icon.png Shadow Key in order to access the Shadow Lair of your choice, in this case; Rabid Snarbolax Shadow Lair. (Only one Key is needed to give your entire party access to the Shadow Lair)
  • Once the elevator has been unlocked/opened your party will be locked/closed to changes and you will be unable to have new members join during the rest of your journey through the Shadow Lair.
Rabid Snarbolax Shadow Lair.png


One of the Rabid Snarbolaxes, practically foaming at the mouth for a chance to take a bite out of a knight.


While one Snarbolax of this nature would not be too bad, Three Rings decided it would be fun to add another! You will face two rabid, snarling, vicious beasts in this boss battle! Like all beasts, the Rabid Snarbolax are weak to piercing, so bringing a Barbarous Thorn Blade or another weapon that deals piercing damage is a good idea. Contrarily, they are resistant to elemental, so even popular and powerful weapons like the Divine Avenger won't help here. Unlike the Roarmulus Twins, red or otherwise, these guys are two separate creatures and they must be killed individually! A respawning little Silkwing heals the two at a rate of 63 health points per second, when present and it is therefore highly recommended that it be slain as quickly as possible whenever it appears. The Beast Bell remains, and like the normal Snarbolax, is the only way to defeat them. They are immune to all damage while black/green and are vulnerable when stunned. When stunned, they will change color to tan/orange. To stun them, the Beast Bell must be struck while one or both of them are near it. Like the original Snarbolax, the Rabid Snarbolax can still attack while they are stunned.


Shielding is important in this boss fight, as the Snarbolax like to burrow underground creating long trails of spikes across the battlefield. This should be very familiar to knights that have fought the original Snarbolax. The only difference here is that they also inflict poison status when they damage knights.

It is advisable to assign a knight in your team to "take care of", (mercilessly kill), the Silkwing.

A different knight should be assigned to be the Beast Bell basher, he or she should slam the bell whenever a Snarbolax is within range of the stun effect. When tan/orange, everyone should attack stunned Snarbolax until they return to impervious black/green or die. Repeat this process until they are both dead and you're home free!

You should also take care not to overextend attacks as the battlefield is surrounded by hedges of poisonous thorn bushes. This makes combo attacks risky as you could roll off the targeted snarbolax and into damaging bushes.

Knights not actively engaged in another activity should watch for and attack the Swarm Source when it grows to minimize the stun effect on knights and the buff effect on the Snarbolax.


  • This boss was added to the game in release 2011-10-19 with the introduction of Shadow Lairs.
  • The Artifact-Echo Stone.png Echo Stone: Gloaming Wildwoods can be obtained after reaching the Sanctuary.
  • The Crafting-Nightmare Mane.png Nightmare Mane is made available to all members of the party upon reaching the Sanctuary.
  • Just like the regular Snarbolax, these Snarbolax's are sometimes randomly immune to the Beast Bell.
  • Compared to the Original Snarbolax Lair, this lair has quadruple the number of boxes and rewards waiting next to the elevator.

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