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Motto: Respect all, fear none.
Affiliation: Founder of Fallen Empire
Aliases: Ecko
Knight Rank: Prestige Badge-25k-Violet.png Vanguard
Strengths: Team Player Favorite Weapon: Gran Faust
Weaknesses: Lag
Favorite Armor Set: Chaos Cowl and Cloak
Most Recent Achivement: Became founder of a Guild Favorite Shield: Barbarous Thorn Shield
Current Goal: Collect Weapons and Armor Favorite Clockworks Area: Treasure Vaults
Weapon Types: Swords and Guns Favorite Lockdown Class: Striker

[ Information ]

Hey there, my name is Eckoster. I have been playing Spiral Knights for about 3 years now. My time zone is GMT+8. I also do play other games such as CS:GO, TF2 and GTAV. You would usually see me hanging out in Haven or grinding the arcade when I'm online. If you have questions for me, hit me up with a PM in-game and I will try to get to them as soon as I am able.

[ Equipment ]

[Note: Updated: 20/3/16]

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