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Clockwork Tunnels are constructed using premade sections, known as "Modules". Modules have a preset configuration, although monsters may vary per theme.

Elevator Modules

Standard Modules

Standard modules construct the beef of Clockwork Tunnels. They contain the majority of the fighting, travelling and puzzle resolving in the level.

Quadrant Y


This module consists of two rooms which branch off from a Y intersection, then branch back together again. Each of the two rooms are closed off by crystal blocks, and contain many breakable blocks inside, along with 1 to 4 monsters depending on the theme:

  • Construct: Retrode

There are two Shankles, each running horizontally across the two horizontal walkways in the module.

Connections: South, West.
Gated: No
Monster Spawn: Yes

The lower left room of a Construct + Poison module



This module is a irregular shaped room with breakable blocks strewn throughout the room. One of the breakable blocks will have a button under it that will open the room's gates. Two Shankles move horizontally in the room.

Connections: North, East.
Gated: Yes
Monster Spawn: Yes

Gatehouse after monsters have been cleared but before searching for the button



Connections: South, West.
Gated: No
Monster Spawn: Yes, multiple.

Puppy Ring


Connections: North, East.
Gated: No
Monster Spawn: Yes

Treasure Modules

Mineral Modules

Key Modules

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