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July 30th 2013
"Any equipment bound before this patch will become your new current equip limit. For example. A knight who had only completed missions through Rank 3 but had 4 star gear equipped will be able to equip gear 4 star and below until achieving Rank 8."

About Me
Hey, I'm HexZyle, and I'm weird.
We could go into how weird, but I'm going to keep this page short and sweet and say "if you can think up something weird, then I'm probably that"
I think that pretty much sums up almost everything about me, my obsessions, my personality, my conversational topics.

Well, also, I am a Jack of many trades, but a master of none. (I mean, I don't have a university degree or anything) If you wanna chat, say hi, wherever you see my name. I don't bite, much, but I can talk the legs of a cast iron pot, so feel absolutely free to tell me to "shut it" if I'm blathering too much.

In Spiral Knights I love pseudo-science and heavily evidence-based speculation.
Interesting mentions include User:DemonSono/AIs and Biozim in general.

Subpages of User:HexZyle


Faust self curse damage at GTH tier 3 (Depth 23)

0 POINTS | 21 hearts: 67%, 35%, 2%

274 Damage

2 POINTS | 15 hearts: 57%, 15%

255 Damage

4 POINTS | 17 hearts: 65%, 30%

238 Damage

5 POINTS | 18 hearts: 67%, 34%, 1%

238 Damage

6 POINTS | 11 hearts: 50%, 1%

218 Damage

7 POINTS | 12 hearts: 54%, 9%

218 Damage

Faust self curse infliction





  • Tries: 4x10
  • Curse: 12
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