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:: Loadout
  • Blizzbrand Equipment-Blizzbrand icon.png
  • Tempered Calibur Equipment-Tempered Calibur icon.png
  • Super Blaster Equipment-Super Blaster icon.png
  • Elemental Hood Equipment-Elemental Hood icon.png
  • Silvermail Equipment-Silvermail icon.png
  • Drake Scale Shield Equipment-Drake Scale Shield icon.png

About Me

This is the User's page of the Spiral Knight than can be found ingame by Jenovasynthese and in forums by Jenovaspirit. My origins lies on, a free flash game page that also supports multiplayer games like Spiral Knights.

I personally like analysing stuff and so I found myselfe into that shield testing topic in which I hope to reveal things that I personally thought have been revealed a long time ago - hooray, something to actually discover!

I am also new in creating wiki topics, so if you wonna help me or if I step on too many feets, just scream, then I may notice.

My character trait is chaotic, but when it comes to data analysation and extraction I am strictly serious. Therefore I use games like Spiral Knights to distract, but in the same time, when I like a game, I start to analyse it into its bits.


I started this wiki page to add a chart that is supposed to collect data of all shields by messuring the remaining pixels after a monster's attack - and hopefully later offering a base to determine the exact damage number in health points.

After Throwing this all over I started a better structured chart of it, cutted down to a more useable form.

Right now i am messing around trying to get this template working :x

Character pic
body text
Account Name: Jenovasynthese
Guild: Is a Vampire
Prestige: 91,915
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