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These charts are showing how much percent of health a shield will lose after one single attack at the first and at the last depth of a stratum. Numbers in (brackets) show how much percent of shield's health is lost if an attack will be without status damage.

Remember that a shield with initial status resistance will nullify all shield damage of its respective status. So an attack with only one status effect will always deal the same damage to a shield that got a natural resistance against this status.

You will also find some fields where an attack deals 100% damage to a shield and other entries where you can read the word 'destroyed'. The shield breaks in both cases, but you will not recive any damage to your Knight's health from an attack which deals 100% damage to your shield, because in this case the shield absorbed all direct damage from an attack but broke because of an additional status that went along that attack. If this status does not trigger, then this very shield will not break. If you read the word 'destroyed' then a shield can not endure the direct damage at all and you will always recive damage to your Knight's health.

All datas are tested with heat level 10 shields without UVs while playing Elite difficulty.

If you want to edit this page, keep in mind that shields with different stars got a different amount of pixels at full health:

5 stars: 360 pixels

4 stars: 300 pixels

3 stars: 240 pixels

2 stars: 180 pixels

1 stars: 120 pixels

0 stars: 60 pixels

Normal Monsters



Monster-Trojan.png Monster-Trojan 2.png Monster-Trojan 3.png

Trojans have three attacks:

1. Sword Slamm: An overhead Smash dealing high damage and knock back

2. Charge: A forward bash that lets the Trojan itself move forward with quick speed, knocking unlucky knights far away.

3. Attack Buff: A charge attack that bursts out a back knocking shock blast around the Trojan and increases the Trojan's damage for a very short time greatly, long enough for one single attack.

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