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An Invincible Rabid Snarbolax

Character: A Demon Amongst Gods
Colour: Rabid Green

You all must be wondering as to why I have gathered you here. I am Tustin by character and by name and I will eventually rule the clockworks as its God. You probably are stronger than I am now. Cherish that moment for it will not last long.

Your Future King

Learn to Bow ;D. Although it has not been long since I started Spiral Knights, I am learning as fast as possible to become a leader worthy of praise. At the moment, I' clumsy and always run into spikes or fire. But that is okay, for I am a Rabid Snarbolax as you can see, and we Snarbies are invincible unless stunned. Aren't I a generous king, telling you all my weaknesses. Make good use of the info I have given you, before it becomes useless as well.

How I Came To Be

I have only recently become this 4 eyed black Urkel. I would like to place my thanks upon Dishly,Xjam, and Xyloid. At the moment they are far stronger than I have ever seen and possess more skill then I thought possible. To me they are my Allies, but also Rivals I one day wish to surpass. It will be hard, but my journey towards this goal will be rewarding.


To become a Pokemon Master. Unfortunately, a harsh reality had prevented me from becoming one when I was 10. Such a sad truth.But, I also have a dream to become a Demon in Clockworks. One who is unstoppable and unable to even suffer the tiniest bit of damage amongst the most monstrous of missions. I will to surpass all. To become strong!


Xjam <3

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