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Ludicrous Coat of Arms.png

We are Ludicrous! Go Crazy!!

Founders: Jsao, Xjam
Approximate Population: 65+


Basically, Ludicrous began with a few friends who deserted their previous guild for various personal reasons. We are not trying to become a serious guild but merely a place to chat with others and make runs with cool people. We're not your typical guild. We're not here to try hard - we're here to have fun and you don't see that much anymore in any type of game. We're also an unpredictable bunch with a wild sense of humor, so be on your toes!

Say Whut?

In this guild you must expect the unexpected! We are up for any challenge whether it's proto running bosses with swag, Vana runs with no shield, JK runs with piercing weapons or trying to bring statues beyond points you're not supposed to. If that's not what you're into, that's okay.

Don't get freaked out thinking you can't handle this level of awesomeness. We do normal every day things like chill, missions and prestige. We also Heat our guild mates up on Vanaduke runs or help you impress the ladies while being your wing-man!

We're also a bunch of creepers (Not really, just Xjam) who enjoy talking to each other over Ventrilo, so if you have that then ask a Guild Master or Officer for the infomation and we'll gladly get you set up. We won't force you to get it. Cussing is not a problem in this guild, just be mindful of what you say, whom you say it around or whom you're speaking to directly. There are coud be young teenagers.


The Rules

 Our Guild rules are simpleDo not act like a child - be matureDo not be a ghost member - stay activeDo not beg for things - guilds aren't charitiesDo not flame guild mates - no one likes bulliesNo derogatory slurs - racists will be kicked

Why Ludicrous?

  • Our Milkshakes Brings All the Girls to the Yard
  • We're a Bunch of Chill People
  • We're Mostly Tier 3 Players
  • We Look Good
  • We Help With Missions
  • We are New and We Will Grow on You
  • We Distribute Cookies on a Daily Basis
  • We Have Free Dental Plan *Bonus*


  • You must be at least Tier 2
  • You must be at least 14 years of age
  • You must know at least 20 English words
  • You must log on at least once a week (If you cannot log on within that time frame - let someone know)


Wanna join? Fill this out and post it on our thread and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your In-Game Name?:What tier are you?:How often do you play?:Do you prefer Lockdown, Clockworks or Both?:Are you 14 or older?:Do you want a cookie?:

If you can't wait, send a private message (/tell) or compose a mail to any of the Officers or Guild Masters where you will be awkwardly and thoroughly checked out.

The Guild Hall

So we have a two story Guild Hall with an Auction House, Stranger Vatel, and the Crafting Machines. Tax is 1500cr every Wednesday, but if you forget every now and again it's nothing big. Hope to see our guild grow!


Members are free to put and take anything they need in the Guild Storage as long as it is used and not sold for personal benefits. There is a Guild Record and it will be monitored for any suspicious activity.


The Treasury is mostly meant to pay the upkeep and a bit for furniture. Xjam has agreed to buy the expansions and Special Rooms for the Guild Hall from her own pocket. Furniture can only be bought by our Guild Hall's Designated Designers or unless given permission by a Guildmaster.



 .//: Guild Masters ://.Jsao is the guy you wanna go to if you're a gamer, he plays TF2, LoL and other mainstream games.
 • Xjam is the meanest out of the 2. Don't mess.
 • Xi-Mi-Oi is the Chi~Chi.
 .//: Officer ://.
 Officers are the people who have earned the most trust of the Guild. They will be dealing with buying
 furnishings and must have the responsibility of spending the collected crowns in our treasury for the
 guild while making sure that our Guild Hall's weekly upkeep is maintained.
 To get this rank you will either be sent an Offer Request by one of the GM's or if you think you're up
 for the position contact one of the GMs saying you're interested and up for the job.
 .//: Veteran ://.
 It's all about earning trust. People who have this title basically means that they have been loyal to the Guild and is awesome.
 To earn this rank, you must we willing to contribute to the guild not just with our weekly upkeep, but also with helping to raise
 the crowns the Guild wants. You don't need to solo Shadow Lairs, but you must have experience in it.
 You must also be willing to help out fellow members if they're dead, laggy, and needs assistance.
 This also means that you gotta have skills.
 .//: Member ://.
 To be a member, you must have been in the Guild for at least one week. Within that week you must show us your awesomeness,
 personality, trustworthiness, and your willing to contribute at least the minimum for the Guild. If you don't want to wait the week,
 ask an Officer or a Guild Master for a membership run. Every requirement is different for each Officer and GM.
 First impressions counts! Be sociable and chill and hopefully we don't scare you off.
 .//: Recruit ://.
 Welcome to the Guild. Recruits are basically people who have just joined. Yay!

<font= size=10>So are you Ludicrous?</font>
Join and find out


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