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Name: Mrgreedy
Known As: Greedy, Greed
Guild: Aeonic Doom (Guild)
Playstyle: Icon-sword.png
Origin: Usa flag.png W Valley City, UT

Started back in the Steam Summer Camp promotion and got hooked on the game. When I first started I didn't think I'd be playing more than a hour. Ever since the first run I've been playing almost every day. I have all 59 achievements unlocked and have many hours of game play logged (400+).

I also formed the guild of Greedy for the sole purpose of avoiding random guild requests. The guild of Greedy is a low number guild and also specializes on solo runs. It is also a guild of those I know in person. Contrary to what the name is I'm not that greedy. I made the name back in 1998 when I was called greedy by my friends. After that I liked the name and have been using it for my avatar name. I enjoy helping people and doing random JK runs with people.

As of current condition I have joined with Aeonic Doom. I made this move to join the guild for a little while and to help them out. I also have my alt Mr-Greedy that was there for Pvp. But having my main knight helps me out in doing guild runs better. I have known Stormface from the early days of playing and have done many runs with him.

I prefer most T3 runs solo and doing T2 in groups. I also prefer parties of 3 or less.

Current equip

Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Unique variant icon.png CTR Med Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Unique variant icon.png Med vs Undead Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Unique variant icon.png ASI Low Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Blade icon.png Equipment-Dread Venom Striker icon.png Unique variant icon.png Med vs Gremlin Equipment-Acheron icon.png Unique variant icon.png Med vs Construct Equipment-Voltedge icon.png Unique variant icon.png ASI low Equipment-Faust icon.png Equipment-Kamarin icon.png Equipment-Bolted Blade icon.png Equipment-Proto Sword icon.png Equipment-Daring Rigadoon icon.png Unique variant icon.png CTR High

Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Equipment-Polaris icon.png Equipment-Blitz Needle icon.png Unique variant icon.png CTR Med Equipment-Super Blaster icon.png Equipment-Frost Gun icon.png Equipment-Proto Gun icon.png

Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Equipment-Electron Vortex icon.png Equipment-Spine Cone icon.png Equipment-Sun Shards icon.png Equipment-Fiery Vaporizer icon.png Equipment-Static Flash icon.png Equipment-Cold Snap icon.png Equipment-Firecracker icon.png

Equipment-Crown of the Fallen icon.png Equipment-Armor of the Fallen icon.png Unique variant icon.png Piercing Def Low

Equipment-Dragon Scale Helm icon.png Unique variant icon.png Shadow Def High Equipment-Dragon Scale Mail icon.png Equipment-Dragon Scale Shield icon.png

Equipment-Grey Feather Cowl icon.png Unique variant icon.png Normal Def Med Equipment-Miracle Cloak icon.png Unique variant icon.png Normal Def High

Equipment-Sinister Skelly Mask icon.png Unique variant icon.png Shock Res Med Equipment-Sinister Skelly Suit icon.png Unique variant icon.png Fire Res Med Equipment-Dread Skelly Shield icon.png

Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png

Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Equipment-Vog Cub Coat icon.png

Equipment-Solid Cobalt Helm icon.png Equipment-Solid Cobalt Armor icon.png

Equipment-Spiral Pith Helm icon.png Equipment-Spiral Brigandine icon.png Equipment-Proto Shield icon.png

Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Shield icon.png Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Equipment-Jelly Shield icon.png Equipment-Green Ward icon.png

Equipment-Elite Sword Focus Module icon.png Equipment-Elite Quick Strike Module icon.png Equipment-Bomb Focus Module icon.png Equipment-Soaking Wetstone Pendant icon.png Equipment-Dread Skelly Charm icon.png

Equipment-Plasmatech Demo Suit icon.png Equipment-Plasmatech Bombhead Mask icon.png Equipment-Tabard of the Gold Rose icon.png Equipment-Chapeau of the Gold Rose icon.png Equipment-Spiral Bombhead Mask icon.png

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