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Heya, names Ndognine! (I go by Ndog, Nd, Ndo, long as i answer then you can call me it). Normally my name is Ndog921, but with SKs lack of numbers in usernames, I was gonna use Ndog...but it was taken T_T
Spiral Knight-Ndognine.png

Anywho, I've play a lot of games in my time (even tho I'm only 17): TF2, CoD (only a bit), Nuclear Dawn, Portal 2, Monster Hunter, FFX, All 3 Patapons, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep....and a bunch more I can't think of off the top of my head.

Oddly enough, I got into SK to get the hat for TF2...but while playing the intro levels the game interested me. Started playing with a friend from Monster Hunter (who bought me my first wolver set). From there, I got so addicted that i sold all my TF2 stuff (not my used weapons) and made a ton of money to advance asap (got 700k CR for my earbuds). Although i spent it all faster then i realized, and by the time i noticed I barely had enough to craft a 3* item. :(

Not really sure what else to say...I dont like to take the game *too* ragequiting in the middle of a level gone wrong or something. I always try to pull my own weight, whether I can use my skill/gear, or if i have to throw some CE into revives to not feel like dead weight (I hate feeling like I'm no use to the team).

Currently in Guild: Rogue Knights

== My Gear == (out of date :P)

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