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Name: Ojlister
Aliases: Oj, Orange Juice
Affiliation: Luminous [Founder]
Battle Style:
  • Swordsman
  • Junior Bomber
Quote:"May the light be with you"

[Note: This may not have been updated in awhile]


  • I am a guy (Male).
  • My name's meaning symbolises fruitfulness, beauty and dignity.
  • Swings and Roundabouts- If you do a good deed, sometime in life you may well be rewarded.
  • Can you trust me. I cannot change your opinions. It's up to you to decide.


  • My mission is not to become the best knight to every walk the Cradle.
  • My desire is to help everyone with their missions in spiral knights.
  • Whether your struggling to get enough energy to buy a Weapon Slot, or having trouble defeating Vanaduke for the first time.
  • Just drop me a line, and i'll try and help you. I may not complete your missions, but i can assure you i will do something that will get you one step closer.
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