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Useful reference posts and links

To-do list

Things to do (anyone- some might have been done)

  • more quantitative presentation of damage documentation
    • How big is a "low" bonus? And "high"?
    • How much bonus damage do you get if a monster is "weak against" a damage type? Compare to how much less damage is done if a monster is "strongly resistant". (suggestion: weapons with mixed damage
    • How effective is poison at reducing monster attack power? Likewise, how much more damage do monsters take when poisoned?
  • How effective is armor? This can be tested using a variety of configurations in lockdown matches, which present a controlled environment for comparing different weapons and defense types.

Things to do (me)

Crafting to-do list

  • Craft catalyzer--> 4* shadow version
  • Get spiral demo suit, shock UV >= medium
  • Get heavy sword (troika perhaps) with any form of ASI, to make using those swords less miserable
  • Round out status bomb series: get small CTR UVs for fiery vaporizer and haze bomb

Archetype Item Template pages (probably outdated)

There are a lot of item pages on the wiki, and the quality varies widely.

In an effort to bring things up to a consistently high level, in the early days of the wiki I created a set of base pages that you can use and modify. These contain the appropriate fields, descriptions, templates, and category info for your item. In most cases, I also tried to include examples of special tweaks (like changing the color of links in the template) and complicated recipes with many ingredients and "special" requirements. Feedback and additional modifications are welcome, but I do not actively maintain these pages and have not for some time.

Thanks to User:Equinox, most pages have already been brought up to a similar standard. However, these pages are maintained for reasons of historical and practical interest.


Gear is the umbrella term for armor, helmets, and shields. All items that use the armorinfo template are classified as gear by default.


Do you like poking things with sticks? Then weapons are for you! Your choices include:


No one ever asks what war is good for, but lots of people ask about blue shards.

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