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Welcome to Equinox's user page
(Note: Please do not edit this page. Direct all comments to my User talk page.)
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:: Statistics
01:17 UTC, 16 January 2019
Currently 4,042 articles
:: Contact
  • For now, use my User talk page.
  • You can also look for me in game as Equinox, but if I'm playing a gate I may not see your /tell in the scrolling!
:: To do
  • Improve the organization and consistency of the wiki
  • Examine current article content & work with the wiki community to figure out what's needed
  • Create additional articles helpful to new users
:: Languages
en This user is a native speaker of English.
See Help:Language for information about adding language tags to your user page.

About Me

I'm here to help as a wiki administrator. I'm also Agent Equinox in Whirled, another game made by Three Rings.

Wiki Contributions

For a full list, see this page.

Current projects

  • Convert these over to the new recipe template system.
  • Work on the sources standardization project.
  • Leave a message on my talk page if there's something particular you'd like to make sure I read/take a look at.
Both the page framework and layout courtesy of Blankfaze, via Guppymomma. Quite excitingly complex!
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