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Herp-a-derp what's up. I'm temporarily back until these slots I've bought expire, but I don't intend on a full comeback until I get a new computer.

For many months, I was the Guild Master and second-in-command of The White Lotus. I then took a four month leave due to my stubborn internet. After returning, I found myself in the guild Alis Aquilae. I stayed for about a week, then left to join the Jempire which I am currently in now.

After my last hiatus I was in the mood for some PvE so I decided to return to it and it's good fun doing FSC runs (and good money too.) I still like to play Lockdown, practicing as all three classes depending on my mood. I'm admittedly not the best LD player, but I have my moments. My record damage is 11,058, and I find myself frequently the leader in captures on my team. I have never left a match that was underway-- if it says I did, it means I was disconnected.

My Stuff





PvP: Lockdown



PvP: Blast Network


Stuff I Want

Still working on dem SL's...and I think a Polaris might be useful in LD.

High Priority

Medium Priority


I have not yet defeated these bosses: <br;>Maulos <br;>Margrel <br;>Ice Queen <br;>Red Roarmulus Twins <br;>Darkfire Vanaduke

I have not yet obtained these achievements: <br;>Gold Survivor <br;>Dauntless Delver


The Jempire-- Veteran

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