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Ah, apologies if I came off as rude or bossy, I certainly didn't intend to (sorry if I sounded like the Wiki Police, too). I'm interested to see what you mean by breaking, though - I generally find previewing shows up whatever code I've butchered fairly well (particularly when I've botched a table, for instance) so it would be good to know if things are showing up different on my end for some reason. Oh and user talk pages are sort of like a message board for each wiki user, very similar to how you would use the talk page on an individual article. --Scribo 13:22, 28 September 2012 (UTC)

No worries about WIKI police... When i say "Break" I mean literally a line break. So when I am working on a show/hide section, those run wider than other text. If there is a content box floating right, like the Guild Info box, then I will only see the final view if I edit the entire page, not just the section.

By Broken, I mean the show/hide link would run on top of the guild info box... I am working on learning how to add more stuff to the guild info box, such as is possible with the User pages... E.g. moving the TOC to the right side... I will figure it out. Thanks for asking. The bigger challenge is to get my young guildmasters to actually look at the changes they asked for and approve them so it does not amount to my making everything up on my own. GulliverBFG 00:08, 30 September 2012 (UTC)

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