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Barbarous Thorn Blade ★★★★★ Cold Iron Vanquisher Damage Bonus vs Slime: Medium ★★★★★
Leviathan Blade ★★★★★ Gran Faust ★★★★★
Voltedge ★★★★★ Wild Hunting Blade ★★★★★
Icon-handgun.png Handguns
Blitz Needle ★★★★★ Polaris ★★★★★
Sentenza Damage Bonus vs Undead: High ★★★★★ Neutralizer ★★★★★
Icon-bomb.png Bombs
Dark Briar Barrage ★★★★★ Freezing Atomizer ★★★★☆
Graviton Bomb ★★★★☆ Heavy Deconstructor ★★★★☆
Toxic Atomizer ★★★★☆ Voltaic Tempest ★★★★★
Icon-helmet.png Helmets
Miracle Hood ★★★★☆ Skolver Cap Increased Shock Resistance: Medium ★★★★★
Icon-armor.png Armors
Skolver Coat Increased Elemental Defense: Low ★★★★★
Icon-shield.png Shields
Dark Thorn Shield ★★★★☆ Grey Owlite Shield ★★★★★
Wyvern Scale Shield ★★★★☆
Icon-costume.png Costumes
Iron Bombhead Mask ☆☆☆☆☆ Lovely Bombhead Mask ☆☆☆☆☆
Ruby Bombhead Mask ☆☆☆☆☆ Spiral Bombhead Mask ☆☆☆☆☆
Emerald Bombhead Mask ☆☆☆☆☆
Icon-trinket.png Trinkets
Elite Quick Strike Module ★★★★★ Radiant Crystal Pin ★★★★★
Dread Skelly Charm ★★★★★

Name: Stormface
Moniker: S.F.
Guild: Aeonic Doom (Guild)
Profession: Swordsman, Bomber, Materials trader


Stormface is a figment of his alter-ego’s imagination (the lesser known Stormhead). Originally conceived by a surprised expression and nurtured by the whispering of the wind, Stormface a scar on the idea of sentience.

Stormface has a friend, a best friend, in fact Myrtle is more of a carer. This relationship is, however, mutually beneficial as Myrtle has no sense of direction and Stormface does not mind his head being physically rotated by Myrtle, above a second rate map, for the use of his internal compass.

Although never mentioned, Stormface is a keen knitter and regularly takes time out of the Clockworks to make fine cardigans.

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