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My IGN is strikerk

Guild: Reign of Fire
Position: Veteran
Rank: 10-1 Vanguard

Successfully reach the Rescue Camp.Cross the chasm into Haven.Reach the first Clockworks Terminal.Pay a visit to Moorcraft Manor. Earn clearance to explore Tier 2 of the Clockworks.Pay a visit to Emberlight, the town of gremlin outcasts.Earn clearance to explore Tier 3 of the Clockworks.Descend to the Core Terminal.

Defeat the Royal Jelly squatting in the Royal Jelly Palace.Defeat Lord Vanaduke in the heart of the Firestorm Citadel.Defeat the fabled Snarbolax that lives deep within the Gloaming Wildwoods.Defeat the Roarmulus Twins in the dangerous depths of the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Alchemize a 1 star item.Alchemize a 2 star item.Alchemize a 3 star item.Alchemize a 4 star item.

Alchemize a 5 star item.Alchemize 5 Items.Alchemize 10 Items.Alchemize 25 items. Alchemize 50 items.Amass 3 swords in your Arsenal.Amass 5 swords in your Arsenal.Amass 10 swords in your Arsenal.

Amass 3 guns in your Arsenal.Amass 5 guns in your Arsenal.Amass 3 bombs in your Arsenal. Amass 5 bombs in your Arsenal.Amass 10 bombs in your Arsenal.Amass 3 helmets in your Arsenal.Amass 5 helmets in your Arsenal.

Amass 3 armors in your Arsenal.Amass 5 armors in your Arsenal.Amass 10 armors in your Arsenal. Amass 3 shields in your Arsenal.Amass 5 shields in your Arsenal.Amass 10 shields in your Arsenal.Amass an Arsenal that includes a 5 star helmet, armor, shield, gun and bomb.

Build an item to heat level 10.Deposit a single mineral into a gate.Deposit 100 minerals into a gate.Deposit 500 minerals into a gate. Deposit 2,500 minerals into a gate.Unlock and fill every equipment slot.Revive yourself.

Revive a downed party member.Revive a downed party member, giving them only half a pip of health.Use 10 Health Capsules.Use 10 Remedy Capsules. Power up a derelict Mecha Knight.Complete a Tier 1 expedition without having to revive.

Obtain a Firecracker Bomb.Hit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown.

Achievements Earned: 53/60



Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 7.31.21 PM copy.png Mr. mustache jelly

Screen shot 2011-11-12 at 8.36.04 PM.png Meh love puppy

File:/Users/Jeremy/Desktop/strikerk photo.jpg

This is my accessory store: [[1]]

Special thanks to Sederts for helping me make this page

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