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"Its all a matter of perspective"
"Team-Play or No Play"



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About Me

Yo! I'm TheTric, and this is my primary page!(I also go by Azraelwing but that's everywhere BUT the wiki, so meh)

Also know as "The Cold Wing of Death" Azraelwing is actually a kind and simple knight with a straight forward outlook on life and a logical mind to get him through it.

In The Beginning

Starting out confused and bewildered as most nights do, stepping from the smoldering remains of his crashed pod, Azraelwing used the vast stores of wealth from his previous life in order to procure the necessary implements for his future further success. To this end he acquired a simple sword with great potential, a coat and hood to protect him through cold and piercing "knights", and a shield to protect himself from harm. These are actually the same tools he caries today, although much more refined, with the exception of his shield. His old one placed in reserve above the mantle in favor of a lighter more vigorous shield that better served his all-out attack style.


Having reached a stable lifestyle, and meeting most of the goals he initially set out to achieve, he now spends most of his time guiding the less fortunate, exploring and shaping the unknown, leading his guild to success, and crafting to his hearts content.

In the Future

Most of his personal goals have been met, but his guild is only just beginning to grow. And so, he turns to its members lending any and all aid he can.

| combat =

When it comes to getting down and dirty, throwing his lot into the ring, Azraelwing prefers picking away at his opponent from a long distance until he can move in for a quick powerful kill.


If it comes down to killing en-mass, he prefers immobilizing his opponents in Ice, selectively choosing who should fall first since the only ones freed from immobilization are those he actually bother's to hit.


  • Reaping - mostly consists of brute forcing weaker opponents...typically with one swing of his blade
  • Chronofrozen - ALWAYS immobilizes his targets before moving in for the kill...unless he lets the cold do it for him
  • Deathly Chill - sounds cool...but actually just consists of running around freezing everything. not really bothering to go for the kill, usually involves teammates. Teammates who are more than happy to deal the coupe-de-grace to the unlucky mobs caught in the blizzard

Special Abilities

  • Death's Fortune - Huge resources procured through various means, mostly the death of his targets, has resulted in an almost mythical revival rate.
  • WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH - due to that first ability...he tends to be a little reckless...but he's learning ^_^
  • FREEZE! - whether you like it or not, you will stop. and you will suffer for not having stopped sooner.

For the Curious

It is his tendency to use Ice based weapons and selectively terminating targets when their time has run out that earned him the title "The Cold Wing of Death".

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