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Azraelwing's Free Accessory Give Away!!!
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First of all let me welcome you to the event page of Azraelwing's Free Accessory Give-Away. You probably already know of Azraelwing's Give Away, but may not be sure what it is. Well, if you keep on reading it'll all be made clear. Thanks again for checking out the page! Happy Spirals!


So what exactly is this free accessory give-away? As you can, no doubt, guess, it is a give-away of accessories, for free! (no duh huh?)

Well, to be a bit more explicit, there's a standard progression to the events.

    Step 1. Line up
      Single File, Don't clip with the knight in-front of you

    Step 2. Wait Your Turn

      Wait until you're called, or the person before you leaves the event area

    Step 3. Step Forward

      Step forward and into the "gifting area" basically put enough distance between you and the front of the line so that Azraelwing can easily make the trade request.
    (Optional) Step 3.5. Choose one of the Applicable:
      Declare "Dress Me!"
        If you don't really know much about accessories and just want something that 'll look decent with your current gear, say "Dress Me!" after you've stepped forward and Azraelwing will pick something that'll look good with your current set-up

      Choose a Tone(Select Events ONLY)

        Name a tone when you step forward and Azraelwing will limit his roulette to just that tone! Only common tones are legal(Cool, Dusky, Fancy, Heavy, Military, Regal, Toasty)

    Step 4. Accept the Trade Request

      Do not Trade Request Azraelwing. He will trade Request you.

    Step 5. View Your Options

      Azraelwing will offer you 3 accessories, (sometimes more, sometimes less, and sometimes super-rare stuff(pocket monsters, aura, prismatics...) even costumes!

    (Optional) Step 5.5. Add-On

      Offer 2 accessories and Azraelwing will add 3 more accessories to your options. You may select only one(1) of the six(6) though. This may be repeated as many times as there is room

    Step 6. Choose!

      Name your choice, Azraelwing will remove the other accessories and accept the trade.

    Step 7. Step aside my good man!

      You can leave or you can step to the side, clearly out of the way of the "gifting area", and hang out. Maybe something will happen after the event is over...
That pretty much sums it up! if you have any questions, just ask one of the staff, they'll be the Knights in close proximity to Azraelwing and will be typically shouting directions.


Typically on the weekends, your best bet is to keep an eye on trade chat (to join type "/join 2")


Typically in the Snipe Garden of Haven. Or "Azraelwing's Lounge", it's that area down at the bottom right of the auction house, past where you spawn. Channel 7 is the typically channel, if otherwise it'll be announced.


Seriously, just because.


With your help!

The Assistants at the events are real knights, not just alts. Most of the items are donations from other knights. and No, I do not mean stolen goods, or stuff that's fallen off the back of a cart. If you'd like to help keep these things going, send Azraelwing your accessories. Naturally, if you send something of high value, or of interest to Azraelwing, you will be asked for a trade for the item. Come on, who can resist =D. if You say no, you can rest assured it will go into the roulette with all of the other items.

If you'd like to help out on a smaller scale, when someone asks "wtf is azraelwing doing?!?" give em this link:
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