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I'm just happy to see you.


I'm Guhnom! Nice to see someone on my page. Unless it's you, Guhnom, because it probably is. :(


I joined the game towards the ends of April (a few weeks after the official release) and playing neurotically for months to come. Now school has started and I have a life again, and SK is even more tiring than it was towards the ends of summer. The updates are few and far between, not in quantity, but in quality.

I still await the day OOO decides they need to make some radical changes to how things are run, and maybe then the countless players who have quit will begin coming back.. but probably not.


I've been 'endgame' for too long, and the game's very unrewarding once you've farmed the hell out of the clockworks (what else is there to do but watch the market change?). I'm still waiting on new game elements or improvements to PvP--Lockdown was fun to play for a bit, but ultimately another disappointment, not because of the gameplay itself, but because of the other elements like balancing, scoring, leaderboards, matching, team/map sizes, etc, which were present in Blast Network as well.

In the meantime I might log in occasionally, but nothing is keeping me on since just about all my friends and all my guild members have quit for the same reasons I have. Cheers.


I'm a charming fellow who likes to run around in shiny outfits and spread chaos and love and chaotic love. I am also an officer for the guild Unicorns and Kitties. I run FSC whenever I go into the clockworks; otherwise I hang around Town Square spreading chaotic love and staring at the Auction House. You should find me and say hi one day!


I already said this, but I really like to run FSC. You should totally join me sometime! lolol wait, who reads this anyway? Check the time of the last update of the page, I might still be here. But probably not. Who am I writing to? Who are you? Do people actually come here? ;______; I'm just gonna stop now.



Vendors that sell a Guhnom:


There is no known recipe for a Guhnom yet, but it is thought that Driftwood and Chemical X will construct me.

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