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Valivarre "Valkyrie"

Personal Profile

Nubcakes! Nubcakes! I like Nubcakes! Nubcakes to fight bosses for me. Nubcakes to get my beer. Blackwater and Zettalux are nubcakes! WTB new content and new levels! Will pay 10000000000000 CE

Exceprt from the Journal of Ser Valivarre "Valk"

Day 01 of Cradle Emergency procedures initiated. I jettisoned myself out of the safety of my spacecraft onto this strange world. I feel it through my armor, a deep throbbing power that turns the mechanical machinations of my enemies towards me. By sword and shield we will succeed.

Day 02 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a br0ny? Who is this nubcake Blackwater clutching my leg crying and screaming?

Day 10 Caught behind enemy lines. Figured the new gear would get me either a promotion or up a creek without a paddle. The mobs of gelatinous cubes keep coming and always, always the sound of jelly moving towards us breaks the silence. Recon Module near by Alpha team must have passed through here.

Day 11 What is this br0nism? Why am I here with this guild of people who play with cloppy toys and read cloppy stories? Who is Zettalux and why is he sticking a heart pendant in my face? BOY! Do you not understand real men go to war without pendants!

Day 20 The depths grow warmer and my blade seems to drink power from the air and pour that power unto my enemies at every swing, while the flag of the Almirian empire waves burnt above us.

Day 21 My eyes! All they see are cloppy things!!!!

Day 22 Seems that a section that Alpha traveled through was missed. Diverting there now to find that module. The woods it is in, it feels as tho something is watching us.

Day 23 I think ill go watch some MLP today!

Day 25 Do the recipes we buy from the outsiders, are they meant for us as a gift or are they a carrot dangled before us. The weapons and gear become more and more powerful but the depths become more and more difficult and the enemies they still come.

Day 26 Friendship is majik!

Day 27 Ambushed by them, seems like Alpha came through without a hitch, shouldnt have a problem here then. The dual turrets of the munitions factory are monstrous, designed to destroy us I think. The world it is changing to beat us back.

Day 28 Pinkie pie = waifu

Day 30 of the ordeal here on Cradle. They do not bleed. They show no fear. Even in the face of massed weapons fire they still do not balk when facing us. Their minions are never ending. Their perversions of the natural order known no bounds. Yet still they throw themselves against us and we against them in this never ending dance of death. Fight our masters say! Search for Alpha they say! Yet if Alpha is lost, how do we find them? In our dance in the depths we find scattered traces of them, spent munitions casings, blade marks in hallways never before opened but still no Alpha Squad and still no way to power up our crippled craft. The thought of never ending death tires me. The sight of new reinforcements fresh from their capsules scare me. How many more will be called to serve in this dance of death. How many more will be required to swing a blade tirelessly or fire incessantly?

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