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Joined On July 24, 2011
Armor Set: Vog Cub
Guild: Revelation (Guild)
Rank/Affiliation: Member
Lockdown Class: Guardian
Former Guilds:
Volcanic Funfest (Guild)


Well I'm a random and fun person,I love to have fun and am always willing to have a conversation,and I will help anyone who needs it. I spend most of my time in the depths,doing so many runs just for the heck of it,no matter the energy cost,but I will do the occasional Lockdown match when Im in the mood for it. I rarely get angry unless I'm majorly getting my butt handed to me, other than that Im pretty easy to get along with. I get on at regular intervals, but if im off for a long period of time, it's because im an either very interested in a new anime, reading too much manga, or am just chillin while listenin to music.

I spend most of my time with my friends Chaozxelectric and Inklings along with my guild whenever possible.

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Shadow Lair Tier 2 Clearance

I completed my first shadow lair run with my best friends Inklings and Chaozxelectric as well as our guild master and friend Dark-Fantasy.

All of my equipment listed is what I have collected over the past and what I have currently.



If you do want to add me on anything other than Spiral Knights here's all my Ids

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