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All will be revealed.

Guild Founder: Dark-Fantasy
Approx. Population: 60+
Guild Master(s):
  • Elemetal
  • Vinylogous

Guild Info/History

Chapter 1: Alpha (The Beginning)

Revelation is united under several key members such as the three guild masters and seven officers.

Revelation started as a guild known as Red Bull that was started back in early July 2011. Several disputes led to the creation of Revelation. At the time, Revelation only accepted former members of Red Bull to join. After that, the officers seek more members and invited several people. The guild develop a bond that has endured us loyal members.

Chapter 2: Beta

Recruiting sessions are tough as the guild place it as one of our priorities. The guild seek loyal and skillful players that are committed to fight alongside us. Revelation just finished the first inactive sweep in a month. With nearly the remnants of our former guild members, we have formed into one solid unit.


The old veterans in the guild has now returned. Some are missing out there but we enjoy the new company. Farewell to our former members such as the old Hairyhair and Soup-Ninja. Still looking to persuade at least one of them to join back...

Welcome back, Elemetal,Redblades,Freezingcold,Echobreeze and many others. Chaoz Undivided has merged with Revelation and brought over several keen recruits and our former members, Khornate-beserker, Inklings and Chaozxelectric.

Chapter 3: Moving Forward

Elemetal here and I would like to give a warm welcome to old friends returning (Soup-Ninja, Cullmon, Nytrick-Acid and others) and to new recruits. When I returned I was promoted to Guild Master and in taking this rank I have become very motivated in improving the guild and bringing new blood into the guild in the interest to continually improve upon what is already a fantastic guild. We are now over seventy members strong and growing with the focus being centered around strong community, successful runs, games of Lockdown and Blast Network and above all a wholesome, fun experience!


Recruiting policy currently placed upon the guild. Currently Revelation is accepting promising members sought out by the guild masters or officers. A letter of recommendation is great from a veteran and up. But at the moment, Revelation would like to only recruit members proven to be self reliant.

-Please message in-game Vinylogous, Jwake or Bilstone for more info with the subject: Recruitment.

Ranking System

Ranks situate to determine your role in the guild. Recruits remain as recruits until several days have passed since recruited. Evidence of a recruit's dedication will reduce this waiting period, such as being active and helpful to the guild. Veterans are members with a long dedication to the guild and contribute to the guild as well as part of the Steam group. (see below) Officers are chosen from the veterans who have proved their dedication to preserve and maintain the guild as well as helping others. This is the our steam group: [1]

Rules and guidelines

As part of the guild you will have certain rules and standards to follow to ensure a pleasant experience for yourself and other guild members. The following lists will explain the rules and guidelines. Breaking rules can be grounds for expulsion from the guild if continued after warning. Guidelines are instructions for certain circumstances, if you have any questions feel free to message or mail an officer or higher.

Guild Alliances

Revelation tends to make guild alliances with other guilds. If a guild is willing to have a guild alliance please message the guild masters. As a sign of respect Revelation has formed many boundary guild alliances. Revelation shall keep on the law codes and show courtesy of every member for the allied guild.



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