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Contact Information

Feel free to send an in-game mail or friend request to Glowing-Ember, or post in this thread.


Token Items

Token-Frumious Fang.png Frumious Fang
Item Price (CE)
Equipment-Bristling Buckler icon.png Bristling Buckler 250
Equipment-Snarble Barb icon.png Snarble Barb 250
Equipment-Spine Cone icon.png Spine Cone 250

UV Items

Item UV Strength Current Offer (CE) Buyout (CE)
Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog Damage Bonus vs. Undead High None Undecided
Equipment-Ascended Calibur icon.png Ascended Calibur Damage Bonus vs. Slime Low None Undecided
Equipment-Vile Striker icon.png Vile Striker Damage Bonus vs. Gremlin Low None Undecided


All of my upgrades are 50 CE less than Boost's price.

Name Energy
Trinket Slot Upgrade (30 Days) 100
Weapon Slot Upgrade (30 Days) 200
Krogmo Coin Booster (24 Hours) 250
Heat Amplifier (2 Days) 750
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