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Hello! I gotta say, you using my custom card template makes me very happy, haha. But it's supposed to only go on a user page.

Users shouldn't make actual pages for themselves, nor can they generate another user page under a different editor name...otherwise you'll get that big red notice:

User account "NAME" is not registered. User pages need to be created under the account name, NOT the knight name. Pages for non-existent account names will be DELETED.

Oh boy that's pretty intense isn't it! Haha.

You'll just have to stay editing on the page User:Anschluss and mention your other/in-game identities on that page, unless you manage to authenticate a wiki-editing account with a name you want, I'd suggest Contacting Support.

The following pages will probably end up being deleted cause of wiki standards and stuff:


The wiki is weird, steam is weird (if steam is involved it really confuses things here), they have moods. We just deal with the sillyness as best we can. Have fun -Novaster 22:37, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

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