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Hiya, noticed that you have been involved in damage testing. Well, I did some damage testing in the past but I kind of stopped playing ever since last x'mas. (Bought a lot of games off steam during the x'mas sales & i'm still playing those. :P) Anyway, I stoppped in for a bit to grab some of my tables to be use in another wiki, saw your Damage_Number_Data_Collecting_Guide, & thought you might be interested in an old forum post... There's also a message that I left on someone's talk page but its basically the same thing... Unsure of what have changed during my hibernation so you need to screen thru it & see what's applicable. In addition, 1 tip for collection method. I usually run the clockworks solo so what I did was to quickly key in the numbers in chat as i play. You can use your own shorthand notations for this. For example, i'll key "d10" upon reaching depth 10, "zom" when seeing a zombie, "10/20" to denote that my uncharged/charged shots dmg. Later, upon reaching the elevator, I'll check the chatlog & key in the numbers to the wiki while waiting for the elevator to shift to the level I wanted. (Try not to use IE for this. You'll lose all progress when it hangs or when you lose session data. I used firefox & all progress i've made will still be there once i'll press the "show preview" button. Or maybe you can use the Steam Browser if you are using steam.) Good luck! --SK Tactics 11:25, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for the tip! I'm finding that using real paper works good, though. :P But I'll make sure to update the guide...when I remember to... --AutoFire 14:31, 3 February 2013 (UTC)

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