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Regarding SK Wiki helpers

Foreword: I made this due to a couple people changing my page without courteously asking me, or even messaging me in SK how to "do" something on the Wiki.

For those who may comment on things such as (Remember, you can type X instead of X for a different approach/format/etc.) or other commendations, I thank thee for your intent. However, a a previously heavy editor of the SK wiki, I'll be alright. Some seeming errors, or formats that could be done/written in a simpler or--as you may personally believe--"better" method, are set that way for a specific purpose.Conclusively, for Sk helpers: If you planned to recommend a certain thing a different way on my page, don't. It is setup in a way for specific reasons, many that are unaware for others but myself.

Anyways, I hope this helps for y'all future peeps who run into this.

A bit of a problem here - yes, it is a bit weird to have others edit your personal page, but it is a page on this wiki - for certain things, we do not need user permission, as this is not a website for personal use, nor is it hosted by or for any one person. If file names in official use on the mainspace are updated, the old file names have to be removed from use around the wiki in order to prevent loose ends from getting, well, more loose. Files have to be removed so they can be deleted by an admin and stop causing said loose ends. Looking at your user page history, this was all that was edited on your personal user page in December 2014 and February 2015, by me, for icons. Your format was entirely unchanged, so I don't see what the gripe was about, other than having someone else touch what is "pseudo-personal space." Yes, user pages on this wiki are free format within SK ToS, but the wiki is not a social blog and certain rules need to be followed to maintain a good wiki. There's a lot of wikipedia MoS about this. Furthermore, it is heavily frowned upon to entirely remove content from discussion pages, mainspace or otherwise, (especially content that is relevant to you - archiving or removing spam is obviously fine), so please refrain from doing so in the future, unless you feel it is really necessary. --Novaster 01:17, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
To rebuttal this topic, as I knew this would come up. You are correct; the page is a wiki page, and by the laws correlating with the usage of this wiki, are understandable. However, such file names, specifically how they are written on this page, may be immediately changed back according to their personal usage if altered. Furthermore, it is incorrect to believe as a "pseudo-personal space" problem isn't the problem. However, two flaws occur. Firstly, I do have more than one page, the history won't help you there, and accordingly, I have encountered many other instances, more recently than on this page, in which users have alter pages beyond frowned upon behavior, such as removing large chunks of sections, or adding irrelevant data. Secondly, jumping back to page alteration such as file names, Please consider that the wiki page may be in the process of being edited one part at a time, and some sections will appear flawed, as they may be fixed, but if time is given to do so. Accordingly, if you have any other comments, feel free to post them here. If you are satisfied with the response, then a message of courtesy would be grand, and I can close this problem acceptably. Again, consider the personal preference, such as icon size, and the (in-process of actively being changed). Also, again, I completely understand the lay-about of the wiki MoS, and other related topics, as I was a primary editor of the beginning of the SK wiki back in the day. Best regards
If users are clearly sabotaging page(s) in any way, you need to bring that up with support - if you did, and the perpetrators were properly tossed into the maw of a roar twin, then good. Some links to examples of this abuse would be helpful to the wiki community for various reasons. One, to glare at the bad guys, and two, to set yet another example of "what not to do." A side note - it's bad to have more than one wiki account for various reasons, such as communication. Having more than one account would likely be associated with sock puppetry, though I doubt this is an issue here. I can understand if access to one was lost and you wished to continue editing, though. I'd like to see your contributions, it's always fun to look at those. --Novaster 02:00, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
Fear not, for adequately, I have reported such users in the past with files to supports, as well as providing links to such people. On this topic all is good. For the side note - I do understand that it is bad to have multiple accounts, and although this issue realistically can't be deemed okay, there's a bit of back-story I should share to provide testimony of non-faulty play: Years ago, I was heading away (travels) for a couple months, and I required someone to watch over one account. This player of who's name I can't recall at the moment did good work picking up where I left off (in brushing up the main wiki), So I proposed to (discussion/forums) if I could setup another account for my continued work whilst my friend took over the other (This proposal was accepted by the community). About 1 1/5 years later, give or take, I ran in to some problems logging in/editing which, when I used it, created more errors on my end than problems solved for other pages. Granted, it was a while since I last used it. Very weird as it was, and after many attempts to fix what ever the issue was, I decided to scrap the account and create a new one (Wombaat75002) for personal use here and there. Ever since, I've been busy with life-stuff, and haven't actually worked in touching up the Sk wiki in a long time (That's why there's nothing (or at most hardly any) edits on other than this page, other than some edits here and there over the past times). I hope this clears up a couple ideas that may have speculated in your curiosity, and provides a bit better understanding as to past occurrences. Wombat75002 02:19, 23 October 2015 (UTC)

To Wombat: I really dont care if you delete my message but would be nice to at least reply and then delete it later. I felt like i talked to a wall, it is kinda rude. I do not edit user pages unless is mine, but though you didnt know how to resize the file, i was new and i didnt know how to resize images and saw u have the icon in the original size so i though you didnt know how to do it. But anyway, i was not telling you how to do your user page, i wanted to help in case you needed, seems like not, but i didnt know. Anyway just leaving my thoughts here --Hikaru 01:46, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
I did not mean to sound negative, and I apologize if you translated the response accordingly. I appreciate your recommendation of the matter. However, I simply communicated that I prefer a specific format, and I didn't mean it as a personal thrash. Again, I do appreciate the help, and I only explained my preference in the reply, ne intent to cause harm. That's all :) Wombat75002 01:53, 23 October 2015 (UTC)

Clearing this out to provide room for other discussion in about two or so weeks. Giving this as a heads up. A notice will also be placed on the clean page with a statement along the lines of (Refer to history for other past solved discussions). Foreword for those with this page on their watch-list.
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