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Wheel Launchers seem to be old wooden contraptions used by the Kingdom of Almire to hinder and crush their enemies. To this day, these traps are still in operation despite the war ending long ago.


Wheel Launchers appear exclusively in Firestorm Citadel. They throw spiked wheels every 7 seconds in the direction they're facing which are capable of knockback and deal a moderate amount of Normal damage. The wheels are destroyed when they collide with a wall or obstacle. Wheel Launchers are impervious to damage from the front, and must be attacked from the side or behind.

Despite sharing identical Weakness and Resistance as Construct monsters and clearly being a construct itself, it is not classed as a Construct by the game.


Wheel Launcher

Wheel Launcher
Tier 3
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  • Run over Attack normal icon.png
Location Drops
  • No Drops

Big old wood traps that throw spiked wheels automatically.


  • Be careful not to stand in the path of a wheel - the knockback can push a Knight back into the Wheel's path, potentially hitting multiple times which can be fatal. Especially if one pushes a Knight onto Shadow Fire.
  • Although easy enough to dispatch as they have very little health, some Wheel Launchers appear in areas that make them impossible to destroy and may be best to ignore them. Alternatively, you can block the wheels from doing any real damage by placing an object in front of the wheels' path.
  • A 5* Brandish-line sword charge can bypass the front shield of a Wheel Launcher (facing south) entirely. Walking up to the left or right of the shield until the Knight "settles" into it, and then releasing the charge with the mouse facing north will destroy the Wheel Launcher. The same can be achieved with the regular attacks of a Polaris or charge of an Alchemer. It can also be achieved with the regular or charge attacks of a weapon in Autogun line (Blitz Needle, ...).


  • Wheel Launchers are immune to all status ailments.
  • Similar spiked wheels can be seen during the Danger Mission called Grinchlin Assault!, but they emerge from the snow instead of Wheel Launchers.
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