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Todas las
condiciones de Estado
Icon status stun.png Aturdir

Icon status poison.png Veneno

Icon status fire.png Fuego

Icon status freeze.png Congelar

Icon status shock.png Descarga

Icon status curse.png Maldición

Icon status sleep.png Sueño

Aturdir is a status condition that will slow any action the victim tries to take. Both movement and attack speed are reduced significantly.

Enemigos Temáticos

Stun is not a possible stratum theme. The following monsters may inflict stun status:

The following enemies are immune to stun:

Infligiendo Aturdir

Spiral Knights can inflict Stun on monsters by using Stun vials against them or using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting Stun. Knights being revived using a Spark of Life also emit a large-field of Energy, stunning all monsters within its range.

Resistiendo Aturdir

The following armor sets will grant knights resistance to stunning attacks:

The following escudos protects knights against sinister stunning strikes:

The following bagatelas will carry knights through the sleeping spells in the Clockworks:

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