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Warning: This is a Dangerous Mission! Desna and her Recon Rangers are an elite team tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels of the Clockworks. Joining them could lead to great rewards, but it is guaranteed to be a perilous journey!

Spiral HQ has received a distress call from a derelict facility deep within the Clockworks. The distress call came in the form of a digital message saying only 'save us.' Believing it to be a potential trap, Spiral HQ has deployed Desna's Recon Rangers to investigate the facility and assist anyone who may have sent the message.

Promo Propaganda. 2 knights navigating the mysterious depths of the Dry Docks.

About Ghosts in the Machine

Almost nothing is known about these dangerous depths. Most assume Gremlins once used this facility as a weapons and trap manufacturing factory. However, for whatever reason the Gremlins abandoned this horrible place, it wasn't good. It is said that this place is cursed with the likes of the undead and the machines. The machines there have gone rogue and out of control, making them more dangerous then ever. It is believed the gremlins first built the place on a graveyard, imbuing the zombies with the electricity, awakening them and making them powerful. Who would go there except to die? Those who go near the place experience static on their radios and heavy interference with every electronic, making them unable to make contact until they succumb to the shocking madness! Most screens of the place feature a faint eye, a yellow eye, always watching, always stirring and staring. Worst of all, something big deep in the abandoned facility is awakening...

Recommended Equipment

Elemental weapons are absolutely needed for this mission if you want full effectiveness! The popular avenger and Divine Avenger are only too important. The brandish chain charge attacks are also incredibly important for keeping monsters away. The armor of this can vary. Elemental protect armor is incredibly important. However, shadow protection armor would do just fine. A good shield is also good for dodging many attacks and electric ball whirling traps!

The Monsters of Ghosts in the Machine

You can see specific monster strategies on their own pages.


The First Floor

When beginning, and moving forward, a few enemies will pop out and attack you, however, after that a pot, 2 gates, 2 Sparkys will be present. The Sparkies will be seperate over a pit, but they will attack you. There will be a few stones and a trigger to open the gates to pass. This is where most players die and waste their emergency revive. In order to hit the trigger, you need to get in the Sparky's line of fire. Thsi is when it is important that you have a fast shooting gun like the silversix or the Argent Peacemaker. The pot literally sucks. Only if you throw the pot at a amazing accuracy can you hit the trigger. But then, you would get hit by the Sparkies and the incoming Volt Knights released from hitting the trigger. If you kill the sparkies first very cautiously, you can proceed to hit the trigger and finish off the Volt Knights. After that part, you enter the main area of the Dry Dock. Interestingly, it looks a lot like the Deconstruction Zones in the Clockworks. Somewhere in the main area, there will be a area where you can proceed, but only if you find 4 heavy statues to put on the 4 pressure plates that unlocks the next area. The 4 statues are scattered all around the area, and you need to find them. Be wary of the constantly attacking Volt Knights, and that comes in numbers of 2 to 4. There are also some Sparkies lodged and guarding certain areas. Another problem is the Frankenzoms, which is infinitely spawning out of some areas, and sometimes act as traps every time you pick up a specific statue. There will be a large number of Surgebots and Voltrodes. In some versions of the Dry Dock, there will be 3 Sparkies guarding a area full of treasure boxes. Do not underestimate them. They are in close proximity and they will sometimes attack you all at once. The right and left Sparkies are the normal Sparkies that are easy to defeat. The one in the middle is the elite. Dealing more damage then his brethren and having a lot more HP! After all 4 statues are place down, the gates will fall to unlock the arena.

First Arena

The first wave begins in some general electric themed monsters, as well as the formidable Volt Knights and a large number of Frankenzoms. A totem also appears in the middle. Do not move the totem at all until all the monsters that won't revive are defeated! (If there is any Sparkies, kill them FIRST) Then remove the totem to a corner and kill the Frankenzoms. The second wave begins again in some general electric themed monsters and another totem appears. This time the monsters are larger in number. Do the same strategy as the first wave. The third wave also spawns many electric monsters, as well the elite of the arena, the Static Deadnaught. Again the strategy of the first and second wave, but changed slightly. Kill the constructs first, and then very cautiously kill the Static Deadnaught. Then remove the totem and kill the remaining monsters. (Remember to kill the turrets first always.)

The Second Floor

The second floor has a amazing amount of traps and ultimately contain the boss the The Big Iron. After pressing the beginning party button, there is some obstacle courses you must face with ultimate cautiousness. After that, you come across 2 paths, one on the right and one of the left and one path in the middle. The path in the middle obviously leads to the boss the Big Iron but is blocked by 2 locked gates that both need a key. The right and left paths both leads to arenas that contain the keys.

The Right Path

The right path leads to a load of electric Zombies, some traps and a Sparky, which can be easily defeated. Then you will come across a screen that can be interacted with that says: "They are planning to ambush you ahead. MEDICAL SUPPLIES AVAILABLE HERE." This area is an arena filled with Golden Storm Wisps. This arena is going to cause a problem because if not careful, even a little bit, you will get hit by the wisps and the shock will interrupt everything as well as damage you. There is also one totem on the right and one totem on top. The first wave consists of Frankenzoms and Electric Bombies on the right side as well as the top. On the left appears a Volt Knight and 2 Surgebots. Make sure you kill the Volt Knight and Surge Bots first before luring the undead out of the totem's reach and slaying them. The second wave consists of 2 Volt Knights on the bottom, some undead on the right and top. Kill the 2 Knights first and like the last wave, proceed to lure and kill the undead. The third and final wave consists of one Volt Knight in the right corner, 2 Volt Knights in the left area, many undead in the right area, and a smaller number of undead in the top as well as a Static Deadnaught. Again kill the Volt Knights first, then proceed very carefully to the Deadnaught and kill it with utmost caution! Then kill the rest of the undead. PLEASE WHEN FIGHTING THE ARENA, WATCH OUT FOR THE STORM WISPS, FOR THEY WILL RUIN EVERYTHING! After the arena, it unlocks a room that has one key and what it appears of 4 health boxes. But do not be fooled, for when you hit open the boxes, electric monsters are revealed, making them act like Monster Cages. This confirms what the screen said of: "They are planning to ambush you ahead." When getting out of the arena, you will encounter some electric monster blocking your way as well as a respawned Sparky. Then take the key and unlock one of the doors.

The Left Path

The left path, like the right path, leads to a load of Frankenzoms and some individual electric monsters. Eventually you come across a arena that has Golden Storm Wisps patrolling the perimeter of the arena, about 6 electric bombie spawners in the North and a one slow spinning electric whirler in the middle that sweeps the whole arena. The first wave consists of one Sparky in the North, 2 Voltrodes flanking it and a Voltrode in the left bottom. This wave is simple by killing the Sparky first and then the Voltrodes. It's the bombies that pose the real problem. They spawn fast and their constant explosions make a peril for whoever's attacking. Plus, 5-7 electric rockets fall in the Southern area. The rockets can easily be dodged or blocked. The next wave consists of 2 Volt Knights and 2 Voltrodes on the left area as well as 6-8 electric rockets falling in the South area. This is when you need to move to the right area and pick them off one by one. Also be wary of the giant whirly ball. The third and final wave consists of a Static Deadnuaught, 2 Sparkys and 2 Volt Knights all in the North area. Plus, 7-9 rockets falls in the South area. The most dangerous one, the Sparkys and Bombies pose a serious threat. It is suggested that the Sparkys are cautiously killed first and then the Volt Knights and finally the Deadnaught.

How to Battle the Big Iron, the Haywire Battlepod

When battling the Big Iron, it comes in three phases.

Phase One

A spawner that alternates between Volt Knight, Voltrode, and Surgebots appear in the ground. 2 wire tentacles will appear and attack the player(s) constantly. The boss will also fire 2 laser beams in random directions commonly. When beginning the battle, it is wise to have a player use a shield on the spawner and prevent the monsters from spawning, however, staying in place will make the player vulnerable to the beams and tentacles. The Big Iron has a shield constant at all times until the boss shoots out 4 laser rounds already, in which its shield breaks down and leaves a opportunity to attack it. When the boss is still invincible, you should concentrate on attacking monsters coming out of the spawner, dodging lasers and attacking tentacles. When the tentacle comes out of the ground, you can attack it and if you damage one enough, it will not appear for the rest of the current phase until another phase starts and new tentacles appear. When the boss is damaged enough, it closes its eyes and opens them again, activating phase two.

Phase Two

This time two spawners are in the ground and 4 wires will constantly attack the player. The Battle pod can now shoot 4 random laser beams in each laser round. It is extremely unwise to block the spawners using the shield because there are more lasers and tentacles. Damaging each tentacle enough will ensure the tentacles does not reappear for the rest of the second phase. Always keep the spawning monsters off you! After 4 laser rounds, the Big Iron will be vulnerable and if damaged enough, it will move to the Phase Three.

Phase Three

For this phase, the boss's eyes will have the danger sign in them. This time the boss will have 6 wires and 6-8 random lasers. This can pose a problem because whenever the boss shoots the lasers, you usually get a small amount of space to dodge the lasers, but in that small amount of space, the tentacles will attack and sometimes push you into the lasers. The monsters also have a opportunity to attack you, so that is when killing off these tentacles is really important. When one tentacle is killed, it will never come back. After 4 laser rounds, the shield will break and you can attack. When the monster is damaged enough, the boss will die.

The Third Floor Prize Room

Reap the rewards and the prestige!!!!

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