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Advertencia: ¡Esta es una misión peligrosa! Desna y sus Soldados Recon son un equipo élite que tienen la tarea de recobrar datos de inteligencia de algunos de los niveles más peligrosos de los Mecanismos. Si te unes a ellos te puede llevar a obtener grandes recompensas, pero ¡Se garantiza que será un viaje peligroso! El Cuartel General Spiral ha descubierto una fábrica de armas biológicas gremling dentro de los mecanismos. Se cree que esta fábrica pertenece a un miembro de la Orden Crimson conocido solamente como 'Herex'. Los Soldados Recon tienen la tarea de infiltrarse en la fábrica y descubrir la naturaleza de las armas biológicas de Herex antes de que las pongan en uso.

Propaganda promocional.

Acerca del Compuesto 42

Herex is most known as one of the most craziest of all the Crimson Order. He is literally a mad scientist, conducting the strangest of all experiments and the supplier of the deadly chemical weapons of mass destruction. He does like to experiment on bacteria and exotic sicknesses. His crazy experiments usually lead to toxic explosions, in which he almost killed himself on numerous times. Warmaster Seerus secretely states that he doesn't even have to kill him one day as a step to take over the Crimson Order because he is convinced one day Herex will kill himself over his mad experiments. Herex keeps most of his testing secret from all other of the Crimson Order and likes to combine poison and oil slimes, making abominable messes and strange and deadly creatures. Most of the assigned gremlins that serve him would wish that their time serving him would be over soon or switch to another one to serve because the gremlins always get in a mess. Everyone gets horrible hygiene in his base and catches incredible dieases that kills them constantly. No one wants to work there. The place is a wreck, so that doesn't say much of how he decorated!

Equipo Recomendado

For armor, it is highly recommend to use equipment from the Dragon Scale Armor Series. The armor covers all damage types inflicted within the area, and acquiring a UV for Poison and Fire will allow to ignore Toxoil's oil slick. All weapons that can inflict fire is not recommend to be brought into this mission! Toxoils can be found in numerous area of the mission, and become a moving hazard when lit. Gremlins and Slimes spawn throughout the mission so it is advised to either bring Freeze Elemental weaponry to extinguish Toxoils' flames, and Shadow weaponry for damage.

Monstruos del Compuesto 42

All Monster Strategies can be found on their own personal pages.


Primer Piso

The first floor of the Danger Mission is much like the others. It contains randomized rooms of the level while containing set rooms at certain points.

Primeros Pasajes

These hallways contain the first Toxoils players will encounter throughout the mission. You'll first encounter 2 Toxoils and 3 Wisps. After that the player will encounter another Toxoil followed by a Compound Polyp. Once finished, the players will be lead to a hallway with two flamethrower traps, accompied by 2 more Toxoils, a Compound Polyp, and 2 Scorchers. It's recommended to dispatch the Toxoils and Polyp first considering the trap can ignite the Toxoils if they pass through the fire.

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