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Gemelos Roarmulus Rojos
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  • Small Rockets Attack normal icon.png
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  • Small Red Rockets Attack normal icon.png
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  • Large Red Rockets Attack normal icon.png
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  • Red Laser Attack elemental icon.png
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The Ironclaw Munitions Factory has begun creating in fiery weapons and improved upon its ultimate weapon in the form of the Gemelos Roarmulus Rojos! They are a fire-themed version of the Tier 2 boss, Los Gemelos Roarmulus. They are one of the four bosses released with the Guarida de la Sombra patch.


Red Roarmulus Twin Shadow Lair.jpg

First you must reach depth 23. This can be easily done directly accessing Emberlight, then traveling through the Mecanismos to D23. Once at depth 23, just walk past Basil to reach the Guarida de la Sombra access area. In order to access the 'Guarida de la Sombra Gemelos Roarmulus Rojos, somebody in your party will need Guarida de la Sombra Clearance Level 2, and somebody will need to use one Shadow Key to open the terminal for your party. (Only one Key is needed to give your entire party access to the Guarida de la Sombra). Once you have opened the terminal, your party will be locked / closed and you won't be able to change the members (except to lose members) during the rest of the journey through the Guarida de la Sombra.


One player stands by a switch, and they alone control the switch and the walls. All other players should be keeping the scuttlebots off them and making sure they don't die while waiting for one of the twins to become stunned from a rocket.


One of the Gemelos Roarmulus Rojos, plotting the fiery downfall of an unsuspecting knight.
There are two major factors to this boss fight that can significantly alter how easy or hard it is regardless of group size - switch use, and the scuttlebots; most issues are caused when teammates are confused and hit the switches before rockets pass them, or when said bots interrupt a switch-user's schedule. Communication is key on this stage and barring voice chat it is suggested that parties dole out roles for the battle ahead before taking it on. Note that in this version there are 8 scuttlebot spawn-pads.

Los Gemelos Roarmulus go through 3 phases of battle, and tactics are listed for each form below. Please note that each twin, when sufficiently damaged, will 'move on' to the next phase before its brother; the Tactics assume both twins have reached the same phase.

FASE 1) Los Gemelos Roarmulus only fire from the middle, and do not move to the sides. This piece is fairly easy, as all you need to do is time your switch hits so that one side's rockets travel over and hit the other twin. NOTE: Rockets will cancel each other out, so once you decide which twin you want to hit, bring the wall up that's closer to his side - this will destroy his rockets early while allowing the other's to pass through, and reduce the chances of them canceling each other out. Once the victim twin is struck, a yellow arrow will point to him indicating he is immobilized - use this as your chance to deal some damage. These missiles will switch between shock and fire damage, so it is advised that you yourself are not hit by them.

Once a twin is damaged enough, he will gain a purple "shield" in front, blocking all future attacks - it is then that you need to switch targets and attack the other twin to continue.

FASE 2) Once both twins are damaged sufficiently, the second phase begins - the only difference here is that both twins now move up and down in addition to their regular attacks, although they will never move while in the middle of an attack. Where this becomes difficult is the fact that players will often guide one twin's rockets over to the other side only to have them miss because the other twin moves at the last second.

The solution is simple - fire where they're going to be, not where they are. Wait until a twin moves first off of the lane his brother is in, and then follow the same tactic you would for Fase 1; it doesn't always prove successful (at the moment it appears the twin's movements are sporadic, although it is speculated they will go to wherever there are more players), but the chances are high that the other twin will finish attacking and "move into" the lane occupied by rockets, immobilizing it before it has a chance to attack again.

Repeat this until both puppies are sufficiently damaged.

FASE 3) Fase 3 is exactly the same as Fase 2 in terms of both tactics and attack patterns, except for 2 major differences. First, both twins are now capable of a lane-wide laser attack that goes from one end of the screen to the other (but is blocked by walls - use this to your advantage!). The laser damages and normally immediately destroys the scuttlebots when it hits them. The lasers are fire-based in this version. Second, only ONE twin needs to be damaged sufficiently in this phase - once he is destroyed, the other goes away, and the battle is over.

With all of this in mind, it is generally suggested that (assuming there is a full party) one to two players (generally those able to easily communicate with each other) handle switches, and the other 2 handle the robots. Bringing a bomb or weapon capable of freezing monsters is recommended, as it will prevent them from moving without killing them (as new ones always respawn a short time after death).

Due to the nature of the fight, status effect vials have little to no effect or helpful purpose against the boss, so it is suggested that these slots be saved for Health Capsules or Status Remedy Capsules instead.


Spiral Knights - Guarida de la Sombra (Gate 2) Gemelos Roarmulus Rojos (Part 5/6) - Boss Fight!


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