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La Descarga is a status condition that causes the victim to spasm at regular intervals. The spasms have two consequences: damage and interruption.

The damage is of elemental type. On knights, the damage can be reduced by elemental armor. On monsters, the monster family determines the elemental damage protection and hence the damage from shock. When the victim is poisoned, its defenses decrease and hence the shock damage appears to increase. A special feature of shock is that all adjacent allies of the victim are also damaged. Nearby blocks are also broken. Opposing targets are not damaged.

A knight is interrupted by the shock spasm regardless of what he has doing. Spasms even interrupt the charge attacks of Troika- and Cutter-style swords. A monster is interrupted only if the spasm hits its pre-attack "telegraphing" phase. If it is already in its attack animation, then shock will not stop it.

If a shocked knight is shielding when the spasm begins, then he will not take damage from the spasm. However, he will be interrupted and his shield will lower, exposing him to attacks from enemies.

The strength of the applied Shock only affects its duration: the damage that Shock causes per spasm is dependant on the Star Rating of the weapon used to inflict it. This means that a higher damage shock can be overwritten if a lower damage shock is applied after it, provided the strength is the same: For this reason it is not recommended to bring weapons of different star ratings with the same shock strength on the same run.


The following damage values represent shock as inflicted from a Tier 3 source. Shock from Tier 2 sources will be weaker in Tier 3, and shock from Tier 1 sources will be weaker in both other Tiers. However, shock from 4* and 5* weapons will equal in strength, as both belong to the same Tier.

Enemigos Temáticos

Shock-themed enemies are immune to and may inflict shock status.

Infligiendo Descarga

Spiral Knights can inflict shock on monsters by using shock viales o barreras against them or using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting shock.

Resistiendo Descarga

The following armor sets grants knights resistance to shocking attacks:

The following escudos will protect against static strikes:

The following bagatelas carry knights through the electric egresses of the Clockworks:

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