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Undead Family
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Almirian Crusaders are a type of monster found in the Clockworks.


Almirian Crusaders are Knight-like monsters encountered in the Legion of Almire Danger Mission. They wield a spear functioning as a Shadow damage Flourish, and a shield that acts nearly identically to that of a Mecha Knight; however, they can use this shield far more often. Despite their glowing ember appearance, it is possible to inflict fire on the Almirian Crusaders.


Almirian Crusader
Tiers 2 & 3
Monster-Almirian Crusader.png

  • Shield
  • Lance Attack Attack shadow icon.png
Location Drops

A cursed knight of the once glorious Almirian Empire. These undead warriors lie dormant in glowing ashes until approached or attacked. Unlike Almirian Royal Guards, the Crusaders' attack patterns are similar to knights using rapiers, and they will raise their shields after a spear attack and when they are shot at. Be careful in rooms full of Bombies and dormant Crusaders, since the explosions will disturb their rest!


Because these monsters are the main source of death in the danger Mission Legion of Almire, there are several ways to defeat them with as minimal damage as possible. Like Mecha Knights, Almirian Crusaders will shield to block bullets. This is a good opportunity to attack the crusaders from behind or from their side with a sword. Also, the Avenger and the Divine Avenger will have the ability of canceling their attack if dealt enough damage and hit fast enough.

Stun Vials and weapons dealing said status also seems good, as they seem to be more affected by stun than most enemies.


  • This monster was introduced with release 2012-06-28.
  • The crusader's attack most resembles a flourish weapon line charge attack.
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