Legion of Almire

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Legion of Almire
Mission-Legion of Almire.png
Mission List: Prestige (Daily)
Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Undead.png
  • Status:
  • Phantom Dirge (Beware)
  • Sombre Reflection

Legion of Almire is a dangerous prestige mission.



Warning: This is a Dangerous Mission!

Desna and her Recon Rangers are an elite team tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels of the Clockworks. Joining them could lead to great rewards, but it is guaranteed to be a perilous journey!

Spiral HQ believes that an ancient codex originating from the cursed kingdom of Almire is located somewhere in a dark and terrifying necropolis. This necropolis is believed to be teeming with all manners of undead monstrosities and only the Recon Rangers have what it takes to get in, acquire the intel and get out alive!


Recover an ancient Almirian codex

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is a danger mission lobby.

Second Floor:
Name: Necropolis Grounds
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Graveyard: Where Monsters Fear to Tread segments, several of which are unique to Necropolis Grounds.

Third Floor:
Name: Inner Sanctum
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Inner Sanctum is unique to this mission.

Fourth Floor:
Name: Cryptic Cache
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Cryptic Cache is unique to this mission.


News art for this mission.

It is the first Danger Mission incorporated into the daily Prestige Mission Rotation.

The player must be at least ranked Soldier (4-1) to host this mission.

As with all danger missions, the party locks for the second combat floor and onward. Participants will only receive the prestige reward if they were present in the mission lobby.

The "ancient codex" is displayed on a tome stand. It can be read after the last fight.

Even though the first floor uses several Graveyard segments, no Phantoms ever spawn.


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