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Fiend Family
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Devilites are a type of monster found in the Clockworks.


Devilites are diminutive members of the underworld who resemble small devils with somewhat somber demeanors. They normally tend to dislike their jobs and make for poor warriors; some are said to break from the ranks to establish small businesses in the clockworks, and Pit Bosses and Yesmen are among the few monsters in the Clockworks that will not attack knights directly. However, if a Pit Boss manages to catch a Devilite not of those two types, he may turn it into an Overtimer - a glowing, bright-eyed, furious, FAST Devilite with an axe, pitchfork, or other sharp weapon which it can throw at knights or slam into them akin to a miniature version of a Troika's charge attack. It is as Overtimers that Devilites become dangerous. All devilites can dodge projectiles.

Devilites inflict split shadow damage and normal damage after tier 1.



Devilite Overtimer


Firebrander Overtimer


Devil-IT Overtimer


Layoafer Overtimer


Blarful Overtimer

Pit Boss



Think fast! Devilite projectiles travel very quickly and trying to dodge may prove ineffective at a short distance, so try to guard as fast as possible when a Devilite readies a projectile. Many of those projectiles can inflict status effects (a particularly major concern if the Devilites are Overtimers), making shielding all the more important. Devilites are dodgy fiends who - especially as Overtimers - will evade gunfire, so an up-close approach is usually a better option.

If you see a Pit Boss surrounded by Devilites, it should be either the first or last thing you attack depending on what it does. Pit Bosses have no attacks of their own, so they are not much of a threat. However, if you see a Pit Boss transform a Devilite into an Overtimer, that Pit Boss should become your highest priority, or else your life will become very difficult due to the horde of Overtimers throwing pitchforks at you with "pinpoint" accuracy. If a Pit Boss transforms a Devilite into a Yesman, you are free to concentrate on other threats since, like the Pit Bosses, Yesmen have no attacks. It may actually be beneficial to allow a Pit Boss offering "promotions" to transform all the Devilites into Yesmen before attacking; keep in mind, though, that if you kill the Pit Boss when he's surrounded by Yesmen, they will all turn into Overtimers, and another Devilite will often be promoted to Pit Boss (potentially resulting in more Devilite Overtimers), giving good reason to be cautious to the order in which the Devilites are slain.

A good strategy while soloing would be to plant a bomb close to the Devilites, and then to run away while keeping your shield up. They will stay in their spots trying to target you, letting the bomb do its job; this can work especially well for status bombs.

Notable Devilites


  • According to the mission: The Return of Ur (Rank 8-1), Devilites are attempting to summon a legion of powerful Trojan warriors into the Clockworks, the reasons behind this is unknown for now.
  • Devilites originally appeared in the Three Rings kart-racing game Underwhirled Drift.
  • It's said that Devilites who don't work hard are turned into the bloated, cycloptic Gorgos.
  • Devilites are fascinated with Gran Fausts, according to the description of the weapon.

"Devilites are the white collar drones of the Underwhirled. If not performing up to standards, their Devil Resources Department 'relocate' them from cubicles to driver's seats. The few that survive become far more productive."


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