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A true Giveaway is an occurrence in Spiral Knights that is usually associated with major updates and events. Specified items are given for free to random online players at set intervals during the giveaway. Simply logging in during the giveaway makes the player's knight eligible for prizes - rank does not seem to matter most of the time. A few unusual giveaways do not follow this behavior, and some giveaways even occur unannounced. Other promotions or events which give away "free" items "with a purchase" do not fall into the true giveaway classification.

List of Typical Giveaways

Birdsong Trading Company - typically in celebration of the New Year during Winterfest.
Steam Knight Mask costume has been given away before. It is also currently available if the player invites friends to play Spiral Knights through Steam.

List of One-Time Participation Giveaways

2011: Early Access Weekend - in association with the Preview Event. Featured Groundbreaker gear.
2011: Halloween Giveaway! - Pumpkin Bomb Bandoliers were given away. These are now available as a random prize from a Dark Harvest Prize Box.
2012: Homecoming 2012 - Various reskins of Calibur (Honor Blade) and Defender (Honor Guard)-line gear were given to players depending on rank, as well as Battle Stand furniture.
2013: Companion Prize Box - companion prize boxes, associated with the release of Battle Sprites, were given repeatedly to players who logged in during August 08-14th.
2013: The Gift of Autumn - given to players (ranked Defender or higher) who logged in during November 26th - December 4th. In later years, this trinket was randomly available via Gobble Snipe Boxes.

List of One-Time Conditional Giveaways

These giveaways were unusual, in that they required some other factor besides simply "logging in" to be eligible:

2011: The Spiral Bombhead Mask Giveaway! - Spiral Bombhead Mask costumes were given away to players who played Blast Network between 10am August 4th and 10am August 8th.
2011: Parrying Blade Example - various MMO websites had "Black Friday" codes for certain parrying blades.
2011: PAX Sega Booth - the Prime Bombhead Mask was given away to players who obtained a code during PAX. This item now frequently shows up on the Featured Auction House.
2012: Feedback Giveaway - Solstice Prize Boxes were given away.
2012: Bombs and UV tickets - due to large changes in certain bomb mechanics, various Unique Variant Tickets were given away depending on the bombs present in the player's arsenal.
2013: Experimental Giveaway - elevator passes were given "from the skylark" to random accounts.

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