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Steam Knight Mask
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Accessory Positions:

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  • Steam Knight Mask isn't in a set.

The Steam Knight Mask is a costume.


Though now outdated by more sophisticated devices, these special pressurized masks were once used by soldiers in environments with extreme atmospheres. The pressure valve on the back would have to be turned just so or the soldier's head would, well, implode.


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This item was introduced when Spiral Knights joined Steam in June 2011.

Prismatic Aspect: A thick stripe on the face of the helm and lights around the ears are prismatic, matching the player's personal color.

This costume makes audible noises. When it ejects steam, this can be heard by players in the vicinity. This steam is visible and trails behind for a while if the user moves.

It is in the Steam Family with other similar items.

Historically, this item was also obtained via certain giveaways.[1]


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