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[edit] [purge] Template documentation


To display information about material and depth loot for a specific monster. Code should be entered into (???-PENDING "MonstrousProfile" template) drop parameter, whenever Template:Monster is used.





One of the following (lowercase):
  • beast
  • construct
  • fiend
  • gremlin
  • slime
  • undead


One of the following (lowercase)
  • leave it blank for normal or "stun" monsters
  • fire
  • freeze
  • poison
  • shock


See what links here for examples of this template in action.


Do not use this template for monsters that have complex drop tables. Simply list the materials they drop as they're found.

For details about the most recent change made to drops: release 2013-07-30

Only use Template:Note-Material/LocationStratum if the monster has depth information adjusted because of specific locations. This information is adjusted for player convenience, but drop patterns should still be understood.

See Also

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