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The topic of this article or section is part of the Dark Harvest Festival.
As such, the content described below is only available during the event.
The preview image for the Dark Harvest festival, 2012!

The Dark Harvest Festival is an annual event that honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Chambers now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!


The Punkin King

The Punkin King is featured as a random fight inside of Clockwork Tunnel-Style levels. Before the action starts, he yells either TRICK, or TREAT. If he screams TREAT, he drops 10 random candies. When he says TRICK, his head jumps off of his body and his minions will spawn as his head jumps around the room. When you deal amount of damage to his head, he will drop one of either Hard, Sweet, or Sour candies! This will happen a few times prior before he is defeated. The tokens can be spent at Maskwell for special Dark Harvest masks!

The Dark Harvest

The Dark Harvest is a special prestige mission where you can find the Punkin King, however, this mission can only be done once per day.

Maskwell's Wares

Along with the merrily menacing monster that is the Pumpkin King, there are several other things out there to show off the Dark Harvest spirit! Maskwell and Bulky come to town with their plethora of masks, only wanting candy in return! The masks come in three fabulous flavors;

  • Spookat
  • Frankenzom
  • Phantom

As well as three varieties;

  • Paper
  • Replica
  • Authentic

Dark Harvest Prize Boxes

In addition to festive masks, Maskwell also sells Dark Harvest Prize Boxes for trade. Dark Harvest Prize Boxes contain random, unbound items. Dark Harvest Prize Boxes were added in 2012's celebration, and were seen again in 2013.

Items and Odds

33% for one of the following:

33% for one of the following:

33% for one of the following:

1% for the following:

Each Dark Harvest Prize Box also includes random handfuls of Trick or Treat Confetti as well as a chance to receive even more prizes: Trinket Slot and Weapon Slot Upgrades, Krogmo Coin Boosters and Heat Amplifiers.

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