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The topic of this article or section is part of Caketastrophe.
As such, the content described below is only available during the event.
The preview image for the Caketastrophe, 2012!


Happy anniversary Spiral Knights!


Spiral Knights is celebrating its first anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 10, 2012!


It's back again knights. Spiral Knights is celebrating its second anniversary with a special event with even more prizes this year. Join in on the fun from now through to April 16, 2013


Can you believe it? Spiral Knights is turning THREE! Soon we'll be allowed to wear long pants. This year, our festivities run through April 9, noon Pacific time.

It's a Caketastrophe!

Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms! Features include:

Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm have expired (on April 23rd, 2012,) however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!

Anniversary Prize Boxes 2013

In addition to Frosted Helms, Maskwell also sells Anniversary Prize Boxes for trade. Anniversary Prize Boxes contain random, unbound items with the added bonus chance of receiving double prizes! Anniversary Prize Boxes were added in 2013's celebration.

Items and Odds

4% for one of the following:

2% for one of the following:

1% for one of the following:

Anniversary Prize Boxes 2014

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