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Eyes are usable items that allow the player to change the shape of their knight's eyes.



All Eyes usables have the same description:

Once used this item will permanently change your knight's eyes to the specified shape. This item is destroyed once used.


Eyes are prismatic.

Most types can be obtained from Mirrored Lockboxes with a very high chance, or from Iron Lockboxes with a very small chance.

Others are released in commemoration of a Promotion or Event.

Each "eyes" can only be used once. Eye shape changes upon use. Changing eyes lasts forever or until the player uses a different "Eyes usable."

Currently, all eyes are prismatic - meaning that their color is determined by the knight's personal color.

"Closed" eyes still blink like other eyes.


Eyes were all "normal" shaped until 20 new ones were released in April 2012. Admin Post

More have been released over time.

Unusual Items

Some items ignore standard eye color patterns, or obscure eyes entirely.

This list does not consider items that cover the eyes during most regular gameplay, like the Stranger Hat, which simply has a wide brim.

This list does not consider accessories that obscure the eye(s). Check the "helmet front" accessories in the main list.


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